Big Brother Winner Ian Terry’s Thoughts on Season 18 So Far

Ian Terry, winner of Big Brother 14, joined us yesterday on a VIP Chat for Live Feeds subscribers. If you have not yet gotten your Big Brother Live Feeds yet, you’re missing out! I

Ian Terry
Big Brother 14 winner Ian Terry (CBS)

In addition to catching us up on his personal life since winning the show, Ian also offered us some insight into how he feels about this season’s cast and the current state of the game.

First, let’s play some catch up on where Ian is since he won the game.  Since winning, he graduated from Tulane University and is teaching physics in Houston, Texas.  At first, his students saw him as a celebrity, but now it has become more of a normal student-teacher relationship.  Thankfully, he was not impacted by the tragic flooding last April and he still has a lot of his earnings left.  It’s good to know he didn’t blow it all on some impulse spending!  We all know that Ian had a crush on Ashley Iocco, even going on a “slop date” with her; however, now he dates around the Houston area.  He finds Michelle Meyer’s crush on him very cute.

Now, let’s get down to some game business.  Ian has been watching the Big Brother Live Feeds and has opinions on many of the houseguest’s positions in the game (as well as general opinions).

  • Frank Eudy – playing the best game out of the returnees, but he doesn’t think any of them are playing badly.  He is doing better than Big Brother 14 when he never really had a chance to anchor his position.  He does worry about him being a target if the other side of the house gains power.
  • Da’Vonne Rogers – playing well; however, he was worried (likely given her personality in Big Brother 17), but luckily, she seems to have gotten it together
  • Michelle Meyer – in the best position right now (given she is in with the eight pack alliance, the fatal five and also has a connection as a newbie), but it’s a long game
  • Paulie Calafiore and Tiffany Rousso – thinks they will go far, especially because Tiffany did some research on him (and likely other winners) before entering the house (unlike several of the other houseguests)
  • Bronte D’Acquisto – her position in the game is very precarious and she feels like she is very full of herself, which is never a good thing in the Big Brother house
  • Jozea Flores – he doesn’t like him very much and hope he is evicted this week, which doesn’t bode well for his position in the game
  • James Huling – he feels like he is holding about 11%-12% of equity in the game right now, which isn’t terrible for 15 houseguests still being in the game
  • Bridgette Dunning – she is fun and he has faith in her having a chance to turn her game around more than the newbies that are not part of the eight pack alliance
  • Paul Abrahamian – while Ian did not comment on his position, he did say he was fun and entertaining (by indicating he is good for the show, even if he is arrogant) and he wanted him to stay around for that, especially because he is someone that he loves to hate
  • Victor Arroyo – not much of a fan, but he doesn’t hate him, he just doesn’t find him particularly entertaining.  They do have the New Orleans connection, but that doesn’t seem to be enough to get Ian on his side.
  • Zakiyah Everette – flying best under the radar

frank paulie corey alliance

Paulie and Frank discussing their trio with Corey, Source: CBS Live Feeds

Time to talk about alliances.  Ian revealed that if he were in the game, he would likely work with the veterans, Tiffany, Michelle and Paulie.  Pretty much, this is the Eight Pack (except Corey is in the alliance instead of Paulie).  While it is a large alliance, he thinks it’s appropriate this early, given how many people are in the house; however, no one is playing for eighth place.  He feels like Frank, Corey Brooks and Paulie could definitely be a solid alliance/trio if it is managed well.

fatal five alliance

Members of the Fatal Five Alliance (Source: CBS: From Left to Right; Nicole, Da’Vonne, Tiffany, Zakiyah, Michelle)

When asked if he thought the Fatal Five girl alliance (consisting of Nicole Franzel, Zakiyah Everette, Tiffany, Da’Vonne, and Michelle) would be able to keep it together – Ian indicated that he hopes so, but he thinks they are making big moves too soon – more specifically, talking about getting James or Frank out of the game.  He feels like they should target Bronte first, leaving Frank, James, Corey and Paulie to target Paul and Victor before they turn on the eight pack (plus Paulie).

When it comes to showmances, Ian thinks that Nicole and Corey will enter into one.  He was asked if he misses Hayden Voss together with Nicole, but he was indifferent since he never met them together.  His dream showmance would be James and Natalie Negrotti, but maybe this is just because James would be the underdog in that situation.

Ian Terry and Frank Eudy
Ian Terry and Frank Eudy hang by the pool on Big Brother 14 (CBS)

Other highlights from the VIP Chat

  • Ian thinks that one of the returnees will take America’s Favorite Player, more specifically Frank, Nicole or James (which sounds like he is not too high on Da’Vonne)
  • He does not know if he would play again since it would be hard to take a break from life, especially work and such
  • He is a fan of the roadkill twist and thinks it’s “inventive”
  • This is his favorite season since his own (Big Brother 14)
  • He is definitely digging the house’s design and decor this year

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