Big Brother Team America: Did CBS Change Rules to Help Them Win?

Did CBS change the rules for this week’s Big Brother Team America secret mission to help them win? That’s the question swirling around social media right now. From what we’ve seen on the Big Brother 16 Live Feeds, it certainly does seem like they are at least bending the rules, if not breaking them entirely.

 Big Brother 16 Team America (CBS)
Big Brother 16 Team America (CBS)

Originally the mission this week was to get TWO Houseguests to fight at either the Nomination Ceremony or the Veto Meeting. Now, however, it seems CBS has decided they only have to have one HG get riled up at the meeting for Big Brother Team America to pocket their $5,000 each this week.

Here is the exact mission statement voted on by the viewers:

“Play the role of puppet master and get two Houseguests to have an argument at either the Nomination Ceremony or the Veto Meeting.”

Now, to us that means that TWO Big Brother 2014 cast members need to be involved in fighting with each other at the Veto Meeting in order for the secret mission to be complete. However, right now we have a rather one-sided plan in action where Zach is supposed to attack Amber at the Veto Meeting about how she’s treated Caleb like crap even though he’s been her willing lapdog all season.

Team America manipulated Zach into giving this speech, so they did complete the task of getting one Houseguest to attack another one at one of the specified meetings. But that is not the whole mission the viewers voted on, at least not to us.

If Amber gets pissed off and goes after Zach in response, then we think the secret mission has been completed and Big Brother Team America deserves their cash. (Even if it is kind of mean all around to Amber.) However, if she just takes it and doesn’t argue back, we don’t think they should be able to claim they won their money this week.

CBS, however, seems to have decided they will nudge the rules to allow them to ‘complete’ their secret mission even if the only person in the ‘argument’ at the Veto Meeting is Zach. This was revealed on the Big Brother Live Feeds last around 7:50 PM BBT.

Apparently production told Big Brother Team America that the “argument” for their secret mission can “be one-sided” and that they will succeed in their quest if Zach goes after Amber for at least 20 seconds. “As long as he berates her for 20 seconds, we’re golden,” Zach said.

Now, we don’t think that should count. But CBS makes the rules, so if they decide they want to manipulate them for their own ends, we guess that is their prerogative.

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