Big Brother 2014 Highlight: Amber Begs Zach For Her Safety [VIDEO]

Big Brother 2014 cast member Amber is rightfully worried that she may not be safe this week after Zach and Frankie won the Heads of Household Competition. She knows that Zach considers her a target. So what does she decide to do? Wake him up in the middle of the night to beg him for her safety.

Big Brother 16 Cast - Amber (CBS)
Big Brother 16 Cast – Amber (CBS)

In this Big Brother 16 video highlight, Amber climbs up to the Heads of Household room to talk to Zach and try to find out where his head is at.

He says he doesn’t want to talk and they can discuss things “maybe tomorrow” but she won’t take no for an answer.

Amber swears that she’s had Zach’s back “completely” even though we know she has talked smack about him plenty behind his back. She’s also said that he is a target for her and he is very well aware of this.

Zach says he will come to her if he has anything to say, and the same should be true for her. They hug it out after they talk for a bit but we don’t think Amber has swayed Zach in the least. In fact, we know she’ll end up being in for quite a shock at the Veto Meeting on Monday when Zach goes after her for treating Caleb like a doormat.

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