Big Brother 20 Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 79 Highlights: Kaycee Plays it Safe

This week had so much potential. Angela Rummans and JC Mounduix have secretly declared war on each other. If either won the Head of Household this week, they might have tried to make their move. Instead, Kaycee Clark took this week’s Big Brother 20 Head of Household crown. Kaycee is very loyal to Level 6.

Big Brother 20 Angela Rummans and KAycee Clark

Of all the remaining Level 6 members, she’s the one most likely to stick with the group until final four. Everyone else would probably strike at the others as soon as possible. Going into Thursday’s game discussions, we expected a predictable week. We were right.

Kaycee quickly confirmed that she planned to nominate Sam Bledsoe and Haleigh Broucher for eviction. Haleigh was the target. The only potential excitement that could come from this week was if JC went up as a replacement nominee. Kaycee plans to tell Haleigh that she was nominated because she nominated her first. The reasons behind Sam’s nominations were a little tricker. She got Angela, Tyler Crispen, and Brett Robinson’s help workshopping reasons to give for nominating Sam in her nomination speech.

Big Brother 20 Brett Robinson and JC Mounduix

Kaycee would make sure Sam felt at ease by letting her know that she was the pawn. Brett also hinted to Sam that she would go up on the block. JC had a sigh of relief about not being the target this week, but he was also a little frustrated that he wouldn’t get a chance at taking out Angela this week.

Scottie Salton may have left the Big Brother house last night, but his presence was still very much alive. The houseguests spent a lot of time talking about his speech. Angela didn’t like the slander surrounding her. Tyler comforted her and told her not to worry about it too much.

Big Brother 20 KAycee Clark

Everyone was so shocked that Scottie did such a sexually charged speech, and made such wild accusations about Angela and Tyler’s Hilton Head activities. The houseguests also claimed that Scottie flipped them off and tried to close the door behind him when he left.

Haleigh tried not to lay down and die. She campaigned to Kaycee last night to not go on the block. However, it didn’t do much to change her position in the house. Haleigh will go to the jury house if she stays on the block this week.

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