Big Brother 20 Week 10 Live Eviction Recap (09/06/2018)

When Kaycee Clark won the Power of Veto (her second POV win in a row), the fate of Scottie Salton and Haleigh Broucher inside the Big Brother 20 house was sealed.  Kaycee’s loyalty to her Level 6 alliance runs deep, and she chose not to use the veto power on either block nominee.  Tonight, either Scottie or Haleigh will be joining the other 3 Hive members already in the jury house.

Big Brother 20 Haleigh and Scottie

The curse of the returning houseguests that wins a second chance inside the Big Brother house is real and most that come back, leave as quickly as they returned to the game.   After Scottie battled his way back into the game last week, many had high hopes that he could break the curse, but here we are again with Scottie on the block and could be blindsided for the second time.  If Level 6 and this week’s Head of Household Tyler Crispen sends Scottie packing tonight, that will be his second eviction and second blindside within 2 weeks…ouch!

Last Minute Deals and Dealings

HOH Tyler set his sights on Haleigh when he won his second Head of Household in week 10.  He knows that Haleigh wants him gone so why not strike first.  When Haleigh was secretly the B. B. Hacker, she nominated Tyler to the block for eviction, but he was able to slip his way out of that mess and remain safe.  Although he has the HOH power this week and wants to target Haleigh for eviction, his alliance sees Scottie as the bigger threat.  They would get their way as Tyler doesn’t have an eviction vote as HOH.  He only casts a vote in case of a tie.

Tyler did get himself in a bit of a mess with not covering his story with the block nominees.  He has been caught by Haleigh and Tyler by telling both of them that they are the pawn this week and should be safe.  This was revealed when Haleigh and Scottie had a conversation about the eviction this week.  Haleigh then went to Tyler with the info and Tyler cleverly covered his tracks and assured Haleigh she was not the target this week.  Soon thereafter, Scottie and Tyler joked about Haleigh going home this week.  Can we say ‘hello blindside’ Scottie?

Brett Robinson had a brilliant idea by coaxing info out of Scottie about the jury house and their thoughts on the final Big Brother vote.  Scottie revealed that although Rockstar greatly dislikes Brett, she dislikes Angela Rummans even more.  Scottie let Brett know his goodbye messages to the jury members did not sit too well with any of them so far.  Not sure how much all of this info helped Brett, but at least he found out Angela has it worse with the jury than he does right now.

Season 16 Winner

Season 16 winner Derrick Levasseur sat down with Julie Chen to discuss the 20th season of Big Brother.  Derrick talked about Level 6 and how they formed their alliance so early in the game.  He feels their success is attributed to luck and also they have great chemistry amongst them.  They will have to start turning on each other soon though, but they have been able to pick the right time to do so thus far.

Big Brother 20 Derrick Levasseur

When asked who Derrick thought would win Big Brother by Julie, he said this is still anyone’s game.  He also said this is why this is such a good season.  If Tyler makes it to jury, Derrick thinks he should take Angela because of jury management.  The jury always votes with their emotions, a sentiment agreed on by Julie and Derrick, at the end of the day.

Live Eviction Vote

Angela Rummans Votes to Evict Scottie
Brett Robinson Votes to Evict Scottie
JC Moundiux Votes to Evict Scottie
Kaycee Clark Votes to Evict Scottie
Sam Bledsoe Votes to Evict Scottie

Big Brother 20

By a vote 5-0, Scottie was evicted AGAIN from the Big Brother house.  Scottie thinks the house feels he is unpredictable and doesn’t know where his head is sometimes and therefore evicted him for the second time.  Scottie suspected he was going to be evicted again tonight.  Scottie also said Tyler is a coward because he just does what the house wants him to do.  Interestingly, Tyler let it be known in his goodbye message to Scottie that he has had the Power App since week 2 and never had to use it.  Tyler asked Scottie to tell his friends in the jury house.  When asked by Julie if Scottie would share that message, Scottie answered a resounding NO!

Head of Household Competition

This week’s HOH competition is called Shell or Highwater.  The players must carefully roll an pearl down their seaweed ramps and into the 3 oysters at the end of the ramp.  The first houseguest to do so will win the week 11 HOH competition.  There was a 3 minute time limit on the competition.  Kaycee won by less than a second over Brett, and she is the new Head of Household!

Big Brother 20 HOH

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Big Brother 20

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