Big Brother 24 Episode 13 Recap: Who Is The Muffin Man?

Another Big Brother 24 houseguest was blindsided last week, which seems to be the recurring theme for this summer’s guilty pleasure. Nicole Layog was the latest houseguest taken out of the game, and her ride-or-die is the one that helped make that all happen. Daniel Durston won the Power of Veto and tried to pull one over on Head of Household Monte Taylor.

BB24 Daniel

His plan backfired, and he inadvertently sent his best friend home. Nicole and Daniel were confident they finally had the votes necessary to evict Taylor Hale. They were unaware of the Leftovers alliance that has the house majority of votes. Taylor had the last laugh this time around. We will crown a new HOH tonight and see who will be sitting on the block.

Week 4 Live Eviction Aftermath

Once Nicole was evicted from the Big Brother 24 house, that left Taylor without a Festie Bestie. To protect the Leftovers, Taylor chose to join Indy Santos and Alyssa Snider.  She needed to pick a duo that was not part of the Leftovers alliance so they could send home Indy or Alyssa if their group were nominated to the block for eviction.

Daniel was just as surprised by Nicole’s eviction as she was. At this point in the game, he feels like he is alone on an island. He broke down in tears in the diary room because he felt so alone in the Big Brother 24 house.

He really let Alyssa have a piece of his mind for not supporting him and Nicole when they did that for her. Daniel told Monte and Michael Bruner that they would be the final two in the house. As a superfan, he was more than impressed with their gameplay.

BB24 Daniel Monte

Next, Daniel attacked Monte telling him that he manipulated the entire Big Brother 24 house. Monte explained to Daniel that he told him to keep the nominations the same, but Daniel insisted on using the POV. That move put his BFF on the block and ultimately led her right out of the door. You did this, Daniel, not Monte.

Week 5 Head of Household Competition

This week’s HOH competition is called Mind Your Step, and here is how it works. Each houseguest will travel from one end of the balance beam dog park to the other end at a time. There are different courses to choose to get from one side to the other. The narrowest beams have the quickest route, while the wider balance beams will take longer.

If a houseguest falls off their balance beam at any point, they must start over. The houseguest with the fastest time wins this week’s HOH competition. Let’s get started.

After the houseguest took turns running across the balance beam dog park, Michael had the quickest time and was crowned the latest HOH. He won by 0.01 a second against Kyle Capener. That was a close one.


Taylor, Michael, and Brittany have a final 3 deal in the Big Brother 24 house. They briefly spoke about the plans for the week. Michael wants to backdoor Daniel. He wants to initially put Matt Turner and Jasmine Davis on the block or Monte, Joseph Abdin, and Terrance Higgins.

The Big Brother Muffin Man

So apparently, Jasmine is quite the muffin lover. There was a batch of muffins made, and Jasmine set aside 2 of them for herself to eat later. Later that day, Jasmine discovered someone had eaten half of one of her muffins.

Jasmine went crazy trying to figure out who ate her muffin. She asked every member of the Big Brother house if they ate her muffin. She went as far as to ask production to roll back the tape to show her who ate the muffin. They refused.

BB24 Jasmine

In secrecy, Turner admitted that he was the one to eat her muffin. He did not admit that to Jasmine, just to drive her crazy with not knowing who did it! There needs to be some fun inside the Big Brother 24 house.

Week 5 Block Nominations

Daniel told Michael that he would be willing to do any of his dirty work in exchange for staying in the Big Brother house this week. Michael knows that evicting Daniel might not be the best move for his game. Making a big move and targeting Monte is an option for him right now.

Michael decided to nominate Terrance, Joseph, and Monte at the block nominations ceremony. Terrance was surprised, but Monte and Jospeph had offered to go on the block to help the Leftover’a game. Michael can still make a big move this week or target Daniel.

Join us again Wednesday, August 10, at 8 PM EST for the POV competition.

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