The Challenge USA: Episode 1 Recap: Secret Vote

Last night, the second season of Challenge USA premiered on CBS. This season will feature reality series personalities from hit shows like Big Brother, Survivor, Amazing Race, Love Island, and former MTV Challenge veterans. They will be competing for the $500,000 grand prize.

challenge usa season 2

Veteran TV host TJ Lavin has returned to host another season of the Challenge. The premier will be split over two episodes, with the second part airing this Sunday, August 13th, at 9 PM EST. We have a full cast this season with 18 returning CBS reality stars and 6 MTV Challenge vets all vying for the grand prize.

The Challenge USA Cast

This season, former competitors from MTV’s version of the Challenge include Johnny Bananas, Wes Bergmann, Tori Deal, Jonna Mannion Stephens, Amanda Garcia, and Cory Wharton. CBS reality stars will include Michaela Bradshaw, Paulie Califiore, Cassidy Clark, Luis Colón, Tyler Crispen, Michele Fitzgerald, Dusty Harris, Chanelle Howell, Ameerah Jones, Alyssa Lopez, Josh Martinez, Tiffany Mitchell, Sebastian Noel, Faysal Shafaat, Alyssa Snider, Monte Taylor, Chris Underwood, and Desi Williams.

Once TJ has introduced the cast, he tells them this season will also be played in teams. A schoolyard pick is given for the team selections. The teams will be as follows:

Red Team: Michele, Jonna, Josh, Paulie, Chanelle, Bananas, Dusty, and Tiffany.
Blue Team: Cory, Cassidy, Tori, Chris, Faysal, Sebastian, Alyssa L, and Alyssa S.
Green Team: Michaela, Desi, Wes, Monte, Ameerah, Luis, Amanda, and Tyler.

First Challenge of the Season

The first challenge of the season is called Storm the Castle, and here is how it is played. Teams have to carry two statues of veteran players up a hill to an old castle ruin site. They can obtain assistance during their journey by solving puzzles along their route. By solving these puzzles, their route to the ruins is made much easier and faster.

The first team to the castle ruins wins the challenge. The winning team will be safe from eviction and have the luxury of selecting two players at risk for elimination.

The blue team wins by just a hair. The race was neck and neck to the finish line. The blue team is safe from elimination. Their task now is to nominate a male and female from either the red or green team.

challenge usa tj Lavin

TJ announces a new twist for this season. Each player will cast their vote for the weekly elimination in secrecy. Their teammates will not know who they voted for each week.

Josh convinced the red and blue teams to work together to protect one another. Now, the blue team is aligned with the red team, at least for now. This decision would result in both players up for elimination coming from the green team. In the end, Ameerah and Luis were chosen this week for possible elimination.

Challenge Secret Vote

The secret votes are cast and revealed as follows:

Wes received 2 votes
Dusty received 2 votes
Desi received 1 vote
Michele received 3 votes
Monte received 4 votes
Bananas received 4 votes

All of the votes are put into the hopper. One ball will be selected from the hopper, and that will determine if a male or female will be evicted this week. Join us again this Sunday, August 13th, at 9 PM EST to see who will compete for elimination from the Challenge.


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