Big Brother 25 Spoilers: Week 2 Block Nominations (08/11/23)

Big Brother 20 Nominations

No one can ignore the divide in the Big Brother 25 house. The game has almost split completely down the middle. Additionally, this has led to a game of who can grab the stragglers. Because of the divide, each side has some core members. For Family Style, this core consists of Jag, Matt, Blue, Reilly, and Cameron. On the other side, The Professors, main players consist of Hisam, Cirie, Izzy, Felicia, and Mecole. 

There are middle players such as Jared, Bowie, Cory, and Red who also lean more toward the side that’s known as the Professors. The clear divide makes it easy for each side to make decisions about who to target this week. If someone is clearly not on your side, target them.

Basically, the current Head of Household Hisam has an easy week. He can go after any on the other side and make the best decision for himself and his team. That’s exactly his plan for the week.

Even before this week’s eviction, each side began to pick targets. Hisam knew that he would go after Reilly or Cameron this week. He just hadn’t settled on whether to backdoor one of them or just make them his initial nominations. 

He seems to have settled on just nominating them without a backdoor plan in place. He plans to nominate Reilly and Cameron. As of now, he will nominate Matt as a replacement nominee if one of them comes off. However, he’s firmly set on taking out Reilly as the initial target and Cameron as the backup one.

So who did Reilly save from the Block? Read below to find out.



Hisam nominated Reilly and Cameron for eviction. 

The Power of Veto Competition plays out tomorrow. 

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