Big Brother 20 Week 10 Power Ranking-Is Kaycee the Real Threat to Tyler’s Game?

We basically have a repeat of last week with this Big Brother 20 week. It’s Groundhog Day with a very similar ranking from the previous week. No one has really gone up in ranking, but some have traded spots with their allies. It’s also a swap with Scottie Salton taking Faysal Shafaat’s place in the house and on our Power Ranking.

Big Brother 20 Kaycee Clark

The game is basically at a standstill this week until after eviction. Then we’ll really start to see where people are in the game. By the end of the week, there will only be one member of the Hive left in the game. The other side won’t seem as threatening to Level 6, and they’ll start to look inward for targets.

So where did your favorite rank this Big Brother 20 week? Let’s find out.

8. Scottie

Big Brother 20 Scottie Salton

Once again, on Thursday, Scottie is going right back to the jury house. The only difference between this eviction and the last one is that he isn’t aware of it. He has his suspicions, but he believes Tyler Crispen when he tells him that he’s a pawn. Scottie is fated to repeat his mistakes, and be taken out again by someone he considered an ally.

7. Haleigh

Haleigh Broucher is one conversation away from going out the Big Brother 20 doors as well. The only reason Haleigh isn’t a goner this week is because Scottie came back. However, the houseguests could easily flip and vote her out if she says the wrong thing. As long as Haleigh remains in the game, she’ll be an easy target for Sam Bledsoe and Level 6. She may manage to survive a few more evictions, but she’s going to be in the danger zone until her inevitable eviction.

6. Sam

Big Brother 20 Sam Bledsoe

Sam’s behavior continues to confuse and annoy her fellow housemates. The only reason Sam wasn’t one of the targets this week is because Tyler won Head of Household, and the targets were firmly on the other side. Sam hasn’t be following Tyler blindly anymore, so she’s not as useful to him and his side as before. We could see Sam leaving even before Haleigh, so she’ll really need to do something to change her game position.

5. JC

JC Mounduix was in one of the strongest positions in the house. However, jealousy, aggressive gameplay, and his manipulation skills have made him a major target. As long as he continues to talk about getting out Kaycee Clark or Angela Rummans, then he’ll continue to become a bigger threat to that trio. The only thing that might keep him safe is his lack of competition wins.

4. Brett

Big Brother 20 Brett Robinson

Brett Robinson and JC seem to switch places in the ranking. Sometimes Brett is more problematic to them, and sometimes it’s JC. Right now, JC seems to be causing them more issues. However, Brett is a close second. We believe Tyler, Kaycee, and Angela will try to stay as loyal to Level 6 as long as possible, but if something goes wrong next week and one of them has to go, they’ll for sure throw Brett under the bus before anyone other member of that group.

3. Angela

Angela isn’t well liked by the jury, which could just help her stay in the game longer. Of the trio (Kaycee, Angela, and Tyler), she’s 100 percent the first one to become a target. Brett, JC, and Sam–to a lesser degree–all want her out of the game. They see how close Tyler and her are becoming and that’s a problem for all of their games. Despite her being a major target, and not well liked by the jury, Kaycee and Tyler would both save her with a Veto. Angela also has one of the best competition records in the house right now. She may have a big target on her back, but she won’t be easy to evict.

2. Tyler

Big Brother 20 Tyler Crispen

Tyler is still the odds favorite to win the game, but his chances keep slipping. He knows how emotional the Hive members are, but he’s not really doing a good job of winning them over before evicting them. This week, he plans to blindside Scottie, someone who trusted him. We don’t think that will sit well with Scottie or the Hive.

1. Kaycee

Kaycee  is slowly starting to win competitions. She now has won three total, which is the second best in the house, tied with Angela. Kaycee has performed fairly well in many of the recent competitions. If she starts to build a momentum, she would have a real strong case against Tyler. She’s also been doing a lot better job at jury management than him, and all of Level 6. If she’s at the end, Kaycee could easily take all the Hive votes, and that’s enough to win the game.

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