Big Brother Over the Top Spoilers: Can Shelby Get Revenge with this week’s Nominations?

Last week, the Big Brother Over the Top Ball Smashers spent a lot of time crying. They were mainly upset about losing Alex Willett, and the possible complete demise of their team. To pour more salt into their wounds, Jason Roy and Danielle Lickey decided to give Big Brother Over the Top feed watchers a show by tricking the Ball Smashers into a fake alliance.

Big Brother Over the Top Shelby Stockton


The Late Night Jamboree got to have a big laugh about it. Well this week, the Ball Smashers might get the last laugh. Shelby Stockton‘s first head of household resulted in her losing her closest ally, Alex. America gave Jason the co-HOH care package, which basically made her head of household week void.

She got a little bit of redemption when she won her second head of household competition in a row. Shelby used it to make a real final four alliance with Kryssie Ridolfi and Justin Duncan.

Shelby and Morgan thought their best road to final four/final three would be one with Justin and Kryssie on their side. They want to take Kryssie to the final three with them, and take Justin out fourth. This means they want to try to get Danielle and Jason out in the next two eliminations.


This is the best strategic move for Morgan and Shelby, but it’s also a personal one. They know now Danielle and Jason cannot be trusted. Not only did they make a fake alliance just to toy with them, but they had the chance to try to win some points with the Ball Smashers by taking out Justin instead of Whitney Hogg.

They decided against taking out Justin. Now Justin’s new final four deal isn’t completely solid, but he’s more with them than Danielle at the moment. Shelby plans to capitalize on the new opportunity by nominating Jason and Danielle for eviction.

Danielle is her target. Yesterday, she used the safety ceremony to make Justin and Kryssie safe. This made it pretty obvious that she plans to strike at Jason and Danielle. They both need to win the veto to guarantee their safety.

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