Big Brother 18 Preview: Strap In For A Wild Ride!

With only seven houseguests (HG) left in the Big Brother 18 house, evictions are a highly emotional affair.  Tonight, either Victor Arroyo or Corey Brooks will be the fifth member of the jury that will eventually decide which HG deserves the ultimate prize of $500,000.

Big Brother 18 jury members (CBS)
Big Brother 18 jury members (CBS)

If the live eviction wasn’t enough drama for you this evening, then watching as the first five members of the jury, including tonight’s evictee, battle each other for a ticket back into the Big Brother house should surely satisfy for thirst.

For the fourth time this season Paul Abrahamian found himself on the Block for eviction.  His closest call to being evicted from the house was back during week one when Jozea Flores was ultimately evicted after claiming he was the ‘Messiah of the Newbies’.  Paul was the original nominee but managed to win the Power of Veto (POV) and save himself and his game.

As was the case this week, Paul was clearly the main target for eviction at the beginning of the week and looked to certainly be walking out the door.  The golden POV saved his game once again.  After he saved himself this week with the POV, the Co-HOH was left with the daunting task of nominating a replacement nominee.

With only James Huling, Nicole Franzel, and Corey Brooks as her choices available at this point in the game, Big Meech chose Corey for the nominee to sit aside Victor for eviction this evening.  She couldn’t possibly nominate her Co-HOH, Natalie Negrotti’s boy, James Huling to the Block nor could she nominate a girl.  This only left Corey, who as James put it best earlier this season, “is tall for nothing”.  As we left the HGs last night, it seemed that Paul and Victor had swayed the HGs from targeting Victor for eviction, but rather the HGs had their sites set on a blindside with evicting Corey from the game.

Little does any of the HGs know that the evicted HG will have the opportunity to turn around and come right back into the house.  With the game drawing so close to the end, this is a very important moment in the game.  Sit back, relax, buckle up and enjoy the wild ride tonight on Big Brother.


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