Big Brother HouseGuests Share New Year’s Resolutions and Photos

Welcome to 2014! We have already broken several of our New Year’s resolutions, how about you? We wonder how many of the former Big Brother HouseGuests who posted their New Year’s resolutions online will actually manage to stick with them all year long?

Big Brother alumni gather for New Year's Eve in Vancouver
Big Brother alumni gather for New Year’s Eve in Vancouver – Source: Instagram

While a few of them posted the usual things about working out more and losing weight, we were quite amused by some of the more oddball resolutions shared by a few Big Brother alumni, according to Big Brother Network.

Jun Song, Big Brother 4 winner: “To finally learn to ride a bicycle in 2014!”

McCrae Olsen, Big Brother 15: “My New Years resolution is to spread the word of howNew Years resolutions are bullshit.”

Ronnie Talbott, Big Brother 11“My number 1 New Years resolution is to keep off all the weight I’ve lost!!”

Andy Herren, Big Brother 15 winner: “My New Year’s resolution is to cut back on winning reality TV shows. I did too much of that in 2013.”

Andy Herren (#2) via Twitter: My New Year’s Resolution is to stop lying to people on national television. I got kinda carried away with doing so in 2013.

 Amanda Zuckerman, Big Brother 15“It’s to be more careful with my words, understanding with my heart, and thoughtful with my mind.”

Sheila Kennedy, Big Brother 9“Well, if we lived in a perfect world to cure for Cancer. My #2 New Years Resolution: I would like to see my book being published “No Ones Pet.”

Joe Arvin, Big Brother 14“Fewer alliances in 2014.”

Judd Daughtry, Big Brother 15“To workout more.”

Ian Terry, Big Brother 14 winner: “My #1 New Year’s Resolution: Date more models.”

Wil Heuser, Big Brother 14“It’s to not have any resolutions. Too resolute for me.”

Jenn Arroyo, Big Brother 14“Play more piano and keep lovin’ big butts.”

Lydia Tavera, Big Brother 11“Not to date assholes this year and try to keep a hair colorfor more than 3 months.”

A bunch of Big Brother HouseGuests from season 15 and previous years also shared photos of their New Year’s Eve celebrations for us to enjoy. Check out our photo gallery below. (Click the thumbnails for bigger pics and to scroll through.)

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