Big Brother’s infamous sisters Rachel Reilly and Elissa Reilly Slater never pass up the opportunity for a bit of camera time. So, of course, they got together to create a Happy New Year’s video for all their fans. Naturally, both of them manage to end up in a bikini during the video. Because it wouldn’t be New Year’s for the Reilly family without sexy time in the hot tub, right?

Rachel Reilly and Elissa Slater - Source: YouTube

Rachel Reilly and Elissa Slater – Source: YouTube

Perhaps the most amusing bit about this video is actually one of the YouTube comments posted with it. A fan going by the moniker Wilbon22 said “I guarantee you that stalker Amanda Zuckerman has watched this video 10 times and broke it down like the Kennedy assassination.”

We’re still waiting to hear if that rumored Reilly sister reality TV show might ever come to pass. If it doesn’t, we’re sure they will both just keep making their own ‘TV’ on YouTube for as long as they still believe they look good in skimpy swimwear.

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