Big Brother Spoilers: Live Feeds Sunday Night Report 6/26/2016

We’re just barely into the new season of Big Brother 18, and it has been an absolutely crazy week so far. Major alliances forming and starting to crack apart all in a matter of days, showmances heating up and then dying out, and a whole lot of houseguests getting themselves into trouble both inside and outside the house with major ‘foot in mouth’ disease.

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WARNING: This post contains Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds that have not yet been shown on the CBS TV show, possibly including competition information or results, game play moves, alliances, showmances, etc. Please do not proceed if you do not want spoilers!

Before we dive into our Live Feeds highlights recap for Sunday night, let’s check in with our current deals and alliances inside the house. As you can tell from the chart below, kindly provided by@89Razorskate20, we still have several major alliances mostly intact — along with more side alliances starting to form as well. (Keep track of all the latest alliances, spoilers, comp results & house stats on our Big Brother 18 spoilers page.)

Big Brother 18 alliance chart, courtesy of 89RazorSkate20
Big Brother 18 alliance chart, courtesy of 89RazorSkate20

The 8 Pack alliance is still going strong with the veterans primarily in control (and working behind the scenes in their own Vets alliance), and they have total power over the eviction this week. Right now that means they are preparing to hopefully blindside Jozea right out the door on Thursday. Even though all the signs are really right there to read, Jozea and his buddies still seem to think they have all the votes they need to keep Jozea in the house this week.

The core group of non-veteran allied newbies, The Revolution, seems to be virtually clueless about what is going on in the house beyond their little circle. Victor, Paul and Jozea are basically on the 8 Pack’s hit list big time, while Natalie, Bronte and Bridgette are basically considered little threat at this point. They’ve even made their own ‘Spy Girls’ alliance that at this time has pretty much no power in the house at all. Although Bronte is starting to get a little too much attention from members of the 8 Pack for talking game a bit too loud.

The other all-girls alliance, the Fatal Five, are in a much stronger position in the house with two veterans leading the pack. However, there has been some tension in the group already and we’re really not sure how long they are going to last. As far as the teams go, those are pretty much meaningless except for restricting which people can compete against each other in certain competitions, and which people can’t be nominated by a Head of Household in power.

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6:00PM BBT – 12:00 AM BBT (Sunday Night 6/26/2016):

Zakiyah telling her girls Da’Vonne and Nicole that Bronte could be trouble with her game talking about who needs to be targeted next in the house. They all agree she needs to be kept under close watch. Bronte better watch out. She’s not really any threat to the vets or the 8 Pack yet, but that doesn’t mean they won’t put her on the block over her mouth. (Right Jozea?)

Big Brother Live Feeds 6-26-2016

Frank, Tiffany and Paulie also talking a bit about Bronte. Frank just doesn’t trust her. Paulie says he’s not buying the story that Jozea is supposedly a celebrity makeup artist and thinks he doesn’t actually have anything to do with any celebrities. They talk about how some of the houseguests care more about how famous they can get from Big Brother, rather than focusing on trying to win the game — Jozea being the worst offender.

James and Frank talk by themselves and basically reaffirm having each other’s backs. I don’t know if we can call this an official ‘pact’ but we like the names Jank or Frames!

Bronte and Paul are talking smack about some of the other houseguests. Bronte shows she isn’t all sweetness and light, saying she wants to knock her teeth out and that Michelle is probably actually a guy. Meanwhile, Paul and Bronte hanging out all the time and being so lovey dovey lately has some of the other houseguests starting to wonder about them as a duo threat.

10:45 PM BBT – James the prankster has put mayonnaise inside a lotion bottle. Bronte discovers this in the shower and in an attempt to capture her outrage, a Big Brother cameraman pretty much shows nearly all of Bronte fully naked. Oops! Also, Natalie says that if there was mayo in the lotion, she just rubbed it all over her whole body. She runs into the bedroom and beats James with a pillow for making her oily and sticky all over!

Big Brother Live Feeds 6-26-2016 2

Jozea cockily counting the votes he thinks he has to keep him. He believes that Frank, Da’Vonne, Zakiyah, Paul, Natalie, Bronte, and Victor will all vote to evict Paulie. He’s totally wrong about that. Da’Vonne, Frank, and Zakiyah are all firmly planning to blindside Jozea at the eviction if they can and boot him out of the game.

Volunteer pawn Paulie, on the other hand, totally has the votes behind him to stay safe, but he seems more nervous about possibly being evicted than Jozea!


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