Welcome Big Brother 18 fans!! This is the Big Brother Dork and each week I will be giving you a list of Winners and Losers from the previous week of CBS Big Brother episodes.

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This first week not a ton of game play has happened on the show yet, so this is a tough list. I’ve essentially used this as a time for a mini list of how I think some people are doing so far. Thank you for reading and I look forward to a great season of Big Brother.


1. All Veterans: Even though I am not thrilled with the returns of Nicole Franzel and Da’Vonne Rogers, aka Momma Day, they are playing a good game so far. They are aligning themselves with the right people early. Nicole isn’t getting any blood on her hands by getting rid of Jozea Flores if her eviction plan works out. He has made some offhand comments that have alienated him in the house.

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2. Team Freakazoids: I loved Glenn, he was somebody that I saw a lot of myself in personality wise. Unfortunately for him the competition that sent him home was not made for him to succeed in. Fortunately for Team Freakazoids it makes their team a lot stronger.

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1. Corey and Jozea: Both of these housemates have made controversial comments on the Big Brother Live Feeds. Most recently Corey Brooks talked about an animal cruelty incident he was involved in that has caused a lot of outrage among fans, and even some previous houseguests like Evel Dick Donato. If there is anything to do with America voting he will not do well there. He also doesn’t seem like a likeable player. Could be another early exit for Team Freakazoids. As for Jozea, he’s been mouthing off that he’s the “messiah of the newbies” and telling everyone how he’s going to pick off all the veteran players; making himself a huge target and likely to get blindsided for eviction on Thursday night.


2. Tiffany and Paulie: I’ve never been a fan of bringing in veterans or siblings of veterans like Tiffany Rousso and Paulie Calafiore. They have aligned themselves very well. The problem here is that both of their siblings did very well in BB house which could make them bigger targets.

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Prediction: Paul got lucky this week that it looks like Jozea is the main target of the house. Paul could easily have been the one most in danger this eviction. Instead, it should be Jozea going home barring something dramatic happening.

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