Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Week 8 Tuesday Live Feeds Report

Paranoia and distrust among the Big Brother 15 cast members have reached all new heights this week. There are so many alliances — real and fake — going around that it’s hard for even the players themselves to keep track! In our latest 2013 Big Brother Live Feeds report, the smack talk, lying and BS was in full force on Tuesday as everyone tried to figure out who working with whom and how much danger they are in.


While Amanda Zuckerman and McCrae Olson continue to pull the strings of power in the house, even their closest allies are starting to turn against them. No one can be trusted and no one is safe from being a target in the next eviction. Even Andy Herren, who was pretty much on everyone’s good side until this week, now finds himself with enemies crowding around on all sides.

We may already know who will be evicted on Big Brother 15 this week, barring a sudden, miraculous vote flip. Next week, however, could be a totally unpredictable free-for-all of madness, especially with a Jury member rejoining the HouseGuests on Thursday. Let chaos, confusion and drama reign— we love it!

SPOILER ALERT! Warning! The following report contains Big Brother spoilers on game play, alliances, competition results and more from the Big Brother Live Feeds. Please click away now if you don’t want this information!

Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 8 Tuesday Highlights

10:30 AM BBT: Production sounds the wake-up alarm to rouse the HouseGuests out of bed. Of course, this doesn’t mean many of them actually get up. Although you can pretty much always count on Helen going for her morning jog around the house. This might be the last week we watch her do that though.


11:30 AM BBT: Helen tells Elissa that she thinks McCrae might be willing to vote to keep her but she does not think Amanda would. She thinks she has Aaryn, GinaMarie and Elissa behind her to stay. She says Andy is the key vote right now. She says she is disappointed that Andy has strayed and has been brainwashed by McCranda. Helen says Aaryn is worried about how she is being portrayed to the viewers. Elissa says Aaryn probably doesn’t give a f**k. Elissa says the fans see her for the horrible, despicable person she is. She says Aaryn just wants to be famous and doesn’t care about anyone but herself. Helen tries to defend Aaryn but Elissa does not want to hear it.

8-21-2013-10-37-45-AM11:50 AM BBT: Elissa apparently almost caught the kitchen on fire by leaving a pot of milk on the stove and forgetting about it. Production had to warn the HouseGuests and Helen had to run and grab it before it got nasty. Elissa says the slop is melting her brain and she won’t leave the kitchen again while she is cooking. Then, not long after, she leaves another pot of milk on the stove and goes outside. LOL. Production has to tell them AGAIN that they have left crap on the stove and to go get it.

1:05 PM BBT: Helen tells Elissa for the umpteenth time that she needs to work with Aaryn if she hopes to stay in the house for very long after Helen is evicted. Elissa does not want to work with Aaryn in any capacity. She doesn’t even ever want to have to talk to Aaryn or GinaMarie again after the show. Helen cries about being a nerd and she doesn’t even know how she got cast on the show with all the pretty girls.

2:30 PM BBT: Amanda asks Elissa if they can talk later when they can get together. McCrae, Spencer, Amanda and Andy talk about random crap in the backyard.

8-21-2013-10-39-46-AM2:40 PM BBT: Helen is continuing to campaign hard to Amanda but it isn’t going very well. Amanda tells Helen that her feelings were really hurt when she heard Helen had called her a bully. Helen says she loves Amanda and doesn’t want to end up leaving the game with them having bad feelings toward each other. Amanda says she never bullied Helen and she doesn’t just do what McCrae wants. Helen says she is sorry. Amanda says she will protect Elissa and not go after her. (Which is good for Amanda since Elissa is eavesdropping on this conversation.) Amanda cries and freaks out about her own paranoia about the game and her relationship with McCrae. She says she isn’t here for the money anymore, she is there to be with McCrae. Helen apologizes again and they hug it out.

3:10 PM BBT: Helen once again tries to convince Elissa she has to work with Aaryn if she is going to survive next week. Elissa says she does not want to work with that horrible person and Aaryn has nothing of value to offer her at all. She says GinaMarie and Aaryn are repulsive and she can’t even handle it. She says Aaryn is one of the worst people she has ever met. Helen says Elissa is making enemies that are going to hurt her in the game. Helen keeps trying to bring Elissa around to being nice to Aaryn and GM even if she hates them and Elissa just keeps going on about how terrible Aaryn and GinaMarie are.

8-21-2013-10-41-41-AM3:40 PM BBT: Amanda confronts Elissa about her and Helen calling her a bully and an evil person. Amanda says it hurts her feelings because she’s never done anything personal to them. Elissa says the person who is saying that stuff is her little sidekick Aaryn. She tells Amanda that Aaryn is trying to pin everything on her to the cameras and make her out to be a bad person. She says Aaryn is the worst person ever in the whole wide world.

Amanda says Helen said that Elissa is using her and just pretending to be her friend. She says that Andy told her Helen was after her and he wouldn’t lie about it. Elissa continues to go on and on about how horrible Aaryn is. Amanda says that Helen is telling people Elissa is coming after her. Elissa says she has never said any such thing and the only person left in the house after Helen that she wants to work with is Amanda. Elissa says Amanda is not a threat to her and was never a target for her. She says she doesn’t talk to the other HouseGuests is that they are all too stupid to have a decent conversation with. She says it is a nightmare being in the house.

8-21-2013-10-41-56-AMElissa campaigns Amanda about trying to keep Helen. Amanda says that Helen has told everyone at some point or another that she was after her. She says she knows Jessie was telling the truth about Helen targeting her and that Helen lied to her face. Amanda says they cannot keep Helen this week but that they can still work together with McCrae and Andy. Amanda says she, Andy and McCrae need Elissa to be with them and she is an asset and always have been. Elissa says again that Amanda should be worried about Aaryn and says Aaryn is always trying to make Amanda look bad. She says that it is making her upset that Amanda wants Helen out. Amanda says again that Andy told her Helen was after her but she isn’t trying to get Helen out personally. Elissa says Aaryn is too stupid to make her own decisions and Amanda has to be controlling her. Elissa says that Spencer is going to win this game because he has been a pawn so many times and never gotten evicted. She promises Amanda that if Helen stayed, she would vote Helen out over Amanda in the future.

4:00 PM BBT: Aaryn runs around with the Head of Household camera taking photos.

4:30 PM BBT: Aaryn and Spencer are talking about GinaMarie. Aaryn says that GM binge eats at night and then throws it all up. They are worried about her. Naturally, GM walks in and conversation switches.

8-21-2013-10-44-43-AM4:50 PM BBT: Aaryn is very upset because Elissa and Amanda had a long talk. Amanda says that Elissa told her Aaryn is talking bad about her to the cameras but she isn’t going to believe her. She says Elissa thinks all of them are disgusting and stupid. Aaryn thinks the two are collaborating and that if Elissa wins Head of Household, she will come after her. She tells Amanda “thanks a lot.”

4:55 PM BBT: Elissa talks to Helen about her conversation with Amanda. Elissa says that Amanda was pissed when she told her that Spencer would win in the finale if he was up against any of them.

5:00 PM BBT: Spencer says all the game talk right now is just a waste of time because Elissa is obviously going home next week.

5:20 PM BBT: Bath time for Aaryn and chat time with Amanda. Amanda tells Aaryn that she just needs to trust her and not worry so much. She says she is trying to get Elissa in her pocket once Helen is evicted to help them all out. Aaryn is not really buying it. Amanda says Aaryn needs to be as nice as possible to Elissa. She promises she will keep Aaryn safe.

8-21-2013-10-47-34-AM6:10 PM BBT: Helen is trying to convince Elissa that they should go into business together after the show… Elissa is kind of uncomfortable and trying to avoido Helen about any such thing. Meanwhile, Amanda is pissed off that Aaryn got angry over her talking to Elissa. She tells Andy and McCrae that Aaryn is f**king stupid and doesn’t trust either of them. McCrae says that Aaryn only cares about protecting GinaMarie.

7:00 PM BBT: A lot of random chatter about what the viewers think about the HouseGuests, what people might be saying about, how they are all crazy, and yet another TMI chat session about sex.

9:05 PM BBT: GinaMarie is voted the HouseGuest most likely to kill another person, according to Spencer and Andy. They joke that she will end up in prison or a mental institution.

8-21-2013-10-46-38-AM9:20 PM BBT: A lot more random talk. The HouseGuests chat about first impressions of each other and more about how people might think of them on the outside.

9:45 PM BBT: Elissa and Helen, knowing their days are both likely extremely numbered, talk about who they would probably vote for in the final two. Helen still hasn’t totally given up though and continues to try to think up any way she can possibly save herself from being evicted this week.

10:40 PM BBT: Helen campaigns to GinaMarie for her vote. GinaMarie campaigns Helen for her Jury vote.

10:45 PM BBT: The HouseGuests are given beer but don’t get any wine. They think maybe Aaryn hid it and go in search. Aaryn, meanwhile, seems to believe that GinaMarie is going to get evicted next week and she is upset. We’re not sure why she thinks GM will get the boot next.

8-21-2013-10-48-58-AM11:20 PM BBT: Helen tells GinaMarie that they should tell Andy if he votes Helen out, all the Helen supporters will vow to put him on the block next week if they win Head of Household. GM plays along. Elissa says she will tell Andy if she wins HoH she will put him up if he votes against Helen. GM leaves and Helen and Elissa talk about how to get Andy and Amanda to fight with each other.

11:30 PM BBT: Aaryn tells Spencer that Amanda said Andy would beat him and anyone else if he gets into the final two.

12:00 AM BBT: Elissa tells Helen that she thinks it is possible they could get Andy’s vote this week but Helen says she doesn’t think it will happen. Meanwhile, McCrae tells Amanda that Aaryn scares him. Amanda says they have to break up GM and Aaryn.

12:10 AM BBT: McCrae and Amanda talk about who to target next. McCrae thinks they should target Aaryn next week and work to take Spencer to the final three. Meanwhile, Helen speculates that America might have been the Most Valuable Player and put Amanda up repeatedly — and maybe they were trying to tell the HouseGuests something.

12:50 AM BBT: Amanda thinks the Live Feeds viewers probably like her. McCrae doesn’t think they will like the showmance at all.

2:00 AM BBT: GinaMarie and Andy talk about Helen still campaigning to get Andy’s vote. They think that if Helen did stay, it would only make Elissa a bigger threat. GinaMarie promises a final three deal with Aaryn to Andy.

8-21-2013-10-52-14-AM3:00 AM BBT: Aaryn is campaigning Spencer to work on getting Amanda evicted next. She says he would have McCrae if they got rid of Amanda. Spencer believes he could possibly win against McCrae in the final two but not against Amanda.

3:20 AM BBT: Andy the ninja snitch tells McCrae and Amanda he saw Aaryn talking to Spencer, painting an even bigger target on her back for next week.

3:30 AM BBT: Spencer talks to Andy about Aaryn campaigning to get Amanda evicted. Andy tells him it isn’t a worry unless they get caught in the middle of it. He says they can just let Amanda and Aaryn go after each other and stay out of it. Spencer says that Aaryn does not trust Andy.

8-21-2013-10-53-07-AM3:40 AM BBT: McCrae wants to put up GinaMarie and Spencer on the block next but backdoor Aaryn or Elissa and get one of them evicted. Amanda says their 3AM alliance with Aaryn and Andy is more like the 2AM alliance because she does not trust Aaryn at all. This is a big change from Amanda trying to convince everyone that Aaryn could be trusted not long ago.

4:10 AM BBT: McCrae tells Spencer he wants to go to the final two with him. He says that he thinks Andy might pick Amanda to go to the final two with over her. Spencer says that no one but Aaryn could possibly beat Amanda in the final two. Spencer says if he wins Head of Household, he would put up GinaMarie and Elissa with Aaryn as the replacement nominee if one of the others was saved from the block with the Power of Veto.

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