Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Week 8 Monday Evening Live Feeds

We keep hoping that enough of the Big Brother 15 cast members will come to their senses and make a big, last minute move this week to toss the eviction on its head. Unfortunately, as the days progress to the next vote, it is looking less and less likely. That doesn’t mean, however, that the eviction nominee currently in the cross-hairs is anywhere close to giving up the fight.


We have to stop and say for a moment that we really don’t get how the Big Brother 2013 HouseGuests or the viewers get so pissed off about people lying to their faces, making secret alliances or stabbing them in the back. That is the nature of the GAME. Big Brother isn’t about making friends, it’s about winning half a million dollars. The person you most respect is the player who can lie to everyone they have to and get away with it long enough to make it to the final two! With that said, let’s jump into our Monday evening Live Feeds report!

SPOILER ALERT! Warning! The following report contains Big Brother spoilers on game play, alliances, competition results and more from the Big Brother Live Feeds. Please click away now if you don’t want this information!

Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 8 Monday Evening Highlights


6:10 PM BBT: Amanda says she is afraid that McCrae is trying to put distance between the two of them. Aaryn is paranoid all over the place and she’s afraid she’ll go up next week either as a target or a pawn that then becomes a target. Aaryn tells Amanda that Helen told her she should work with Elissa next week. She says Helen is really pissed at Andy.

Amanda says Andy is in trouble because no one wants to take him to the final two because he would win. Aaryn and Amanda talk about how they would be the hottest final two ever and all the votes would be split because they are so awesome. They randomly talk about how sick they are of GinaMarie talking about Nick. Aaryn says she thinks GM is just attracted to gay guys. Amanda says the first time she kissed McCrae was terrible and she had to tell him how to do it.

8-20-2013-11-12-24-AM6:25 PM BBT: Helen is still campaigning hard. She tells McCrae that Amanda is a bully and he’s probably being edited on the show like he’s her lap dog. She wants him to help vote out Spencer this week and promises she’ll be loyal to him if that happened. Helen says she ‘honestly hasn’t done many things wrong in this game’ — which makes us laugh. Helen keeps pushing him not to be Amanda’s little slave puppet. Andy and Elissa join them. Helen wants to know why McCrae is scared of Amanda and he says he is not. She says if he can’t even make a move without Amanda, why is he even playing. She says everyone is going to see him as being manipulated by Amanda.

Helen says the Diary Room told her she was the target this week even when Aaryn was telling her she was not. Nice production, nice way to interfere. If Helen is telling the truth.

8-20-2013-11-13-15-AM7:15 PM BBT: Helen and Elissa rehash her conversation with McCrae. Helen is trying every tactic she can think of to stay.

Meanwhile, McCrae tells Amanda, Spencer and Andy about his conversation with Helen and how she said production is probably making Amanda out to be a bully on the show. She doesn’t believe they could show her as a bully when she thinks she isn’t one. Amanda and McCrae confirm to Andy that Helen doesn’t trust him anymore at all. McCrae says Helen talks about production like they are “her friends” and they tell her stuff. He says production needs to be called out about that.

8-20-2013-11-14-04-AMThey worry about Elissa and what may happen with her next week once Helen is gone. McCrae says that Helen told him Elissa is just pretending to work with Amanda and isn’t really. Andy says he is going to go to Elissa and lie to her and say Helen told him she would cut Elissa if she was saved and team with Andy instead. McCrae says the Brenchel Army is going to be pissed. Spencer says anyone in the Brenchel Army is a f**king loser.

7:35 PM BBT: Aaryn tells Helen that McCrae is concerned about how he is being portrayed on the show and he really wants to win America’s Favorite Player and get the 25k. Helen says she doesn’t think he stands a chance while he’s sucking up to Amanda.

8-20-2013-11-17-10-AM7:50 PM BBT: Andy, Amanda, Spencer and McCrae smack talk about Helen and Elissa (with Aaryn in and out). Then they smack talk and say some really nasty stuff about Candice, making up rymes about how she is a snitch and a b*tch and everyone laughs when Andy makes up a rhyme about her fingering herself in the shower. Andy says they should remind GinaMarie about Elissa saying she didn’t want to sit next to her and Aaryn at the HoH Competition and called them freaks.

7:55 PM BBT: Amanda is harping on about not getting how anyone would think she is a bully. Spencer says she’s been a total bully to him in the past. She says she does not remember being a bully to him.

8-20-2013-11-16-44-AM8:00 PM BBT: Elissa and Helen smack talk about McCrae and Amanda and how weird they are as a couple. Helen says it is gross that Amanda walks around outside in just her underwear and sits on the couches that way. Elissa thinks everyone actually hates Amanda. Helen says Amanda is dragging McCrae down and ruining his Big Brother experience. Elissa thinks Amanda is just using McCrae and they won’t stay together after the show.

8:25 PM BBT: Amanda is totally pissed off still about Helen calling her a bully. Andy says he will bet $500 that Amanda can’t resist saying something. McCrae tells her not to say anything. Aaryn says she will bet her HoH basket that Amanda will say something. GinaMarie comes in and Amanda finds this a good time to jab her and remind GM about how Elissa is so nice unless it comes time to sit next to someone at a competition. She says Helen is telling everyone she is a bully.


Amanda says the only person she bullied was Jessie because Jessie was after McCrae. GinaMarie says Jessie was probably the only sort of good looking girl in her friends back home but when she came to Big Brother she was surrounded by supermodels and hated not being the center of attention anymore.

8:45PM BBT: GM, Andy, Amanda, McCrae, Aaryn are all talking in the HoH. GinaMarie says Jessie only did well in the HoH endurance comp because her a** was so fat it gave her balance on the rolling log. Elissa comes in and they all talk about the possibility of a Jury member coming back in the house. GM says if Candice came back in the house, she would end u pgoing to jail. Andy says Candice would be dead and GM would be in prison. GM says yeah, just like all of Candice’s family.

8-20-2013-11-18-56-AM8:55 PM BBT: Amanda is worried about how McCrae is acting toward her. He says he is fine and nothing wrong but he’s increasingly cold toward her. McCrae says on Thursday he is going to tell Elissa that Andy, Helen and him had a final three alliance and that Helen told him Elissa was expendable. McCrae is thinking about how he can get Spencer and GinaMarie on board to backdoor Elissa next week. McCrae says he will have to tell Helen that he doesn’t want to play with her because she’s the real bully in the house but he can’t tell her until Thursday because of Elissa.

McCrae calls Amanda the Evel Dick of the season. Amanda says she is not evil. He says that is just how she plays. Amanda says she isn’t playing a game, this is who she is. McCrae says if he goes on the block with her, he will get voted out. She says if she went up against Andy, she’d probably lose. He agrees. He really hopes GinaMarie wins the Head of Household so they can put the blame for getting Elissa out on her. They worry about whether Aaryn might work with GinaMarie to put them up instead though.

8-20-2013-11-20-24-AM9:50 PM BBT: Andy lies to Helen again and tells her he will vote to keep her. That’s going to hurt him in Jury if the vote is unanimous against her. And hurt maybe more if she is the Jury member who comes back in the game. They both cry.

9:55 PM BBT: Andy tells Aaryn about his conversation with Helen. They talk about how they both distrust Spencer a lot and how Elissa and Spencer need to be the next two to go.

10:20 PM BBT: Helen tells Elissa that if she wins the HoH, she needs to put up Amanda and McCrae and if she wins the Power of Veto, she needs to make an alliance deal with Aaryn and GinaMarie. Elissa talks about how she really wants Spencer evicted. Elissa says they should tell McCrae about how Amanda talks about her boyfriend at home all the time. Helen says McCrae would just think she is making sh*t up. Elissa says she is “deathly allergic” to the slop.

8-20-2013-11-22-37-AM11:35 PM BBT: Aaryn says she hates Elissa so much and Helen. She says she wants to put habanero on Elissa’s tampons. Amanda says Elissa dresses like sh*t and says her husband is just her sugar daddy.

11:55 PM BBT: The HouseGuests joke about Jessie and Judd making up in Jury House and hooking up.

1:00 AM BBT: Aaryn says she almost told Helen she was definitely getting evicted this week. Amanda says production gave her hell for telling Jeremy he was straight out leaving.

1:25 PM BBT: McCrae is not feeling the public displays of affection with Amanda. He is afraid the showmance is going to end up getting him evicted. Amanda whines about Helen saying she is a bully. McCrae just doesn’t seem to care.

8-20-2013-11-38-56-AM2:00 AM BBT: Very worried she is going to be the next person getting evicted, Aaryn spews all over Amanda about not trusting anyone. She thinks McCrae is giving her BS. She’s afraid Andy is lying to her because he is so good at lying to everyone. Etc. Etc.

2:25 AM BBT: McCrae and Amanda talk about how they can sway Elissa to their side next week and prevent her from putting either of them up if she wins HoH.

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