Big Brother 13 Week 8 Eviction Prediction

Predicting who is going to get eliminated this week on Big Brother 13 is not really a difficult prospect. If you have been paying attention at all, it is pretty obvious which Big Brother 13 houseguest is going to get the boot to the Jury House tonight.

Everyone and their brother seems to hate Shelly Moore right now, but one can argue that she played a pretty strong game… right up until that fateful moment she betrayed Jeff and Jordan. Once Jordan and Jeff learned of her betrayal and the whole house found out how much backdoor dealing Shelly has been doing with EVERYONE, well, she was pretty much screwed.

When Porsche opened Pandora’s Box and set loose the duo rules in the house again for the week — thus putting veterans Rachel and Jordan back in a position of power — that was the beginning of the end for Shelly. When Rachel won Power of Veto and took herself and Jordan off the block, that was the final blow. Porsche had no choice but to put up Shelly and Adam. And while Adam may not be a safe choice to keep in the house either, everyone knows now how dangerous and unpredictable Shelly is. Plus, well, getting on the bad side of BOTH Rachel and Jordan was just asking for doom.

So, our prediction, along with most of America, is that Shelly Moore will be getting kicked out tonight and be heading off to the Jury House. Where she will have to put up with Jeff smirking at her endlessly.


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