Big Brother 13 Live Feeds: Week 5 Monday Review

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To catch up on the latest in the Big Brother 13 house, here’s the rundown from the Big Brother live feeds. Head of Household Kalia had conspired with Shelly to put Porsche up on the block against Rachel. Daniele, however, was not cool with this idea and told Kalia this was not kosher. Then, in a very weird twist, Lawon volunteered to go up on the block instead of Porsche so he can get evicted. Because, apparently he is convinced the next eliminated houseguest will get to come back to the game and be Head of Household. (More on this here.)

Kalia tells Shelly all about Lawon volunteering to go up on the block and Daniele being on board with it. So now Shelly is kind of mad that Porsche is not going to be put up, but thinks to keep herself safe she needs to go with what’s going on. Kalia is happy because with Lawon volunteering to go up, she doesn’t have to piss anyone off by putting up an unwilling person.

Monday morning dawns with Shelly and Adam smoking and talking about who will end up on the eviction block. Shelly tells Adam it will not be him. Both of them think Lawon is insane for volunteering to go up as a pawn.

Adam looks so weird without his beard!

Just before 10:30 BBT, Shelly spills to Jordan and Jeff about Lawon volunteering to go up on the block. She says that if Lawon does go up on the block, that he will get voted out. Rachel comes out and Shelly asks her bluntly if she stays and wins Head of Household, who will she put up? Rachel says she would put up Daniele and Kalia with an added “F**k them.” But she says she won’t be staying in Big Brother.

Shelly implies that they’ve been working really hard to keep her and she’s never going to put any of them up right? Jordan and Jeff basically tell Rachel there is enough votes to keep her in the house. They continue to talk about how hard everyone, especially Shelly has been working REALLY hard to keep her.

Shelly playing EVERYONE

Shelly, Shelly, Shelly. Does anyone in the house realize you are the most backstabbing, lying, cheating, selfish player in the house? Seriously!

The Big Brother live feeds cut to trivia for the Power of Veto Ceremony. When they return, we find out that Lawon has indeed volunteered himself to go up for eviction and Kalia has selected him as the replacement nominee. Jeff, of course, used the Power of Veto he won to take himself off the block.

Lawon denies to Shelly that he volunteered to be nominated for eviction. Of course, she already knows he did, courtesty of Kalia. He tries to act mad and upset for Jeff and Jordan too, but they already know as well. Just silly. Shelly is still not happy she didn’t get Porsche put up.

Everyone plays on Lawon all morning as he pretend whines about being put up and they all pretend it was a total surprise and they didn’t know all about it. It is pretty damned funny actually. Shelly is the best (worst) at totally acting all innocent about knowing he’s a faker.

Later in the kitchen, Rachel asks Lawon if he volunteered to go up as a pawn. He lies and tells her hell know that’s not in his character. She says she heard he did volunteer and he says hell no he is here to win.

Kalia basically tells Lawon at one point that everyone thinks he is faking being upset and angry over being nominated. She tells him he needs to calm down and that Shelly asked her about him volunteering.

Up in the Head of Household room, Kalia and Daniele discuss what Rachel’s mood will be if she stays. They also both say Lawon is basically an idiot for volunteering to go up for eviction. Daniele thinks Rachel has Shelly on the fence and might be able to push her vote. Kalia says she needs to talk to Shelly and make sure she votes however they decide she should vote. Daniele says they need to get to Rachel and make a deal with her before anyone else gets hold of her.

Kalia, Daniele is going to get you screwed...

Of course, Shelly and Adam have already been dealing with Rachel. If Daniele doesn’t win Head of Household next time around, it is a strong possibility her and Kalia will end up on the block together.

Later in the evening, Kalia and Shelly whisper about Lawon and wonder why he is stupid enough to volunteer. They wonder if he is making money from doing it or something. Several of the other houseguests have been speculating on this as well.

Up in the Head of Household room, Porshce tells Daniele that Lawon is mad because everyone is saying he volunteered to go up for eviction. Daniele says she doesn’t know why Kalia had to tell Shelly about Lawon. Porsche says if she wins Head of Household she might have Jordan and Shelly as her targets.

It’s getting late but some of the houseguests are still working the game play. Lawon seems to blame Adam for Shelly suspecting he volunteered to go up on the block. He thinks Adam is working with Jeff and Jordan. Porsche tells him she thinks Shelly is working with Jeff and Jordan, but Lawon says he doesn’t think so.

Daniele and Kalia don’t know why Rachel seems to perhaps think she is safe. We know why, because she has enough votes to stay! Daniele says she’d rather win Head of Household next week during her birthday, instead of this week. Which would be about as STUPID as Lawon volunteering to go up on the block. Daniele says that if there is a sudden change during the live show and they need to switch to voting against Rachel, she will clap.

Daniele just seems pretty doomed at this point and yet, oddly blind that she’s dug herself into such a deep hole. If Brendon ends up coming back in the twist, she’s doubly screwed. If she’s really, really lucky it will be Dominic, but even that probably wouldn’t save her. Oh gods the drama!

Everyone basically just can’t get over how clueless and misguided poor Lawon is, but Daniele and Kalia are just as nuts. It would almost be worth it for Lawon to get evicted and then somehow manage to get back in the house and claim Head of Household power just to see the jaws drop all over the Big Brother house!

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