Big Brother 13 Week 5 Live Eviction Predictions

The Big Brother 13 live eviction show on CBS is tonight and there is all kinds of insanity going on in the house. Daniele thinks she is in control of who goes home tonight, but things are not exactly as they seem going into the eviction.

Head of Household Kalia‘s dreams came true when Lawon insanely volunteered himself to go up for eviction this week. He’s relatively convinced if he gets evicted he’ll definitely get to come back into the house AND he’ll probably get some special power or be Head of Household. All the other houseguests thinks he is nuts. Hell, so do we!

Kalia is just happy she didn’t have to make anyone else angry by putting them up as a replacement nominee when Jeff took himself off the block with the Power of Veto.

Daniele believes that she can just flip the switch and get either Rachel or Lawon evicted tonight, depending on what more the houseguests might learn about the ‘twist’ of the returning player. She is mostly clueless that if she tries to flip the vote back to keeping Lawon in the house, she won’t have enough votes to get Rachel out.

Though, of course, you never know what people might just do in the secrecy of the voting booth. It could be all kinds of fun going on tonight!

We are pretty firmly predicting things will go with what the Big Brother live feeds have been telling us though: Lawon will be getting the boot no matter what happens.

Whoever does end up getting evicted will have the chance to compete with one of the previously eliminated players to come back in the house. Considering how lame Lawon has been at every single competition, however, it is hard to imagine him beating anyone to win that prize.

As for who the other houseguest competing to get back in will be, it could be a real game changer. I personally would like to see Cassi back in the house, although she’d likely end right back up on the block pretty quickly. Unless Shelly really did feel seriously guilty about helping get her thrown out the first time. Then maybe they might pair up for real this time and do some damage. Shelly is a great manipulator and backdoor dealer but she needs a firm partner or she’ll end up alone and on the block one of these days.

What I really hope does NOT happen is Brendon coming back in the house because I just can’t stand to watch any more of him and Rachel being disgusting. Ugh! Although, Dominic returning would be almost as icky watching him and Daniele flirting all over each other. Having Dominic back in the house could be very helpful to Daniele right now though, which could cause some fun drama!

Who do you think will be getting evicted tonight and who do you think will end up being the player returning to the Big Brother 13 house?

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