Big Brother 12 Live Feed Recap: Tuesday – Week 6

WARNING! Big Brother Live Feed recaps inherently contain some SPOILERS of what is going on in the Big Brother house that you might otherwise not know about until the CBS Big Brother shows air. So if you don’t want spoilers, beware!

Big Brother 12 Ragan
Ragan ponders his next move (RealNetworks BB12 Live Feed)

We can’t wait to see what kinds of craziness happens on tonight’s Big Brother 12 on CBS. There has certainly been some extreme drama going on in the Big Brother house on the Live Feeds. The house erupted into chaos over the past few days with the Brigade alliance faltering, Matt hiding big secrets, Rachel returning to stir things up and Brendon finding himself in the middle of all the game play by the other Houseguests.

The Live Feeds kick off Tuesday morning with Ragan sleepily changing his battery pack and then laying on his cot thinking. Brendon and Enzo are playing pool, Hayden crashes on the couch. Lane wanders out and plunks down on the couch, followed by Kathy and her ubiquitous cigarettes. Basically, things are a bit slow in the Big Brother house this morning. Everyone still looks a bit sleep-deprived from that whole Saboteur spewing messages all night long the other night.

Just after 10:00 AM BBT (Big Brother Time), Ragan and Matt are together again talking about Kathy and Rachel‘s pretzel message to Brendon, which Matt complains was a super bullshit blatant violation. He says he is going to bitch her out royally over it if he goes to the Jury House. Matt and Ragan agree that Enzo is not very trustworthy.

Big Brother 12 LaneA little while later, Lane tells Matt that Brendon said the house is full of cowards.  Ragan mocks Brendon for being a bitch about Rachel getting voted out, saying ‘I will give up this opportunity for a prostitute I have known for 40 days.’ Snarky!

Ragan, Ragan, Ragan – will you please stop whining? Now it’s all about how even when he wins, he loses and complains that Big Brother seems to love Brendon and Rachel and he can’t understand why. (Can we say drama honey?) Ragan worries that everything is geared in the game to screw some people more than others.

Matt reports shortly before 12:30 PM BBT that Big Brother is re-evaluating the rules for the future about eliminated Houseguests leaving messages for current ones. Matt was totally pissed over Rachel leaving that pretzel message spelling out his name for Brendon as the person to eliminate.

The Houseguests are locked outside the house around 1:00PM. Hayden and Lane discuss the next HOH and their plans for who would go up if one of them wins. Interestingly, none of them talk about Matt – as if it is almost a guarantee he won’t be there. Of course, they still don’t know about Matt’s Diamond Power of Veto. Lockdown ends just before 2:00 PM BBT. The Houseguests rush in to see if anything has been changed in the house, we don’t see anything. A little while later, the Houseguests are put on an inside lockdown.

Enzo now believes there is no Saboteur still in the house. He thinks it was either Rachel or it is Big Brother playing the Saboteur. Regardless, he has memorized all those Saboteur messages because a competition about those could be a game changer. Enzo continues to spew weirdness; including saying he wants to get in a boxing ring with Ragan so he can punch him in the face.

Big Brother 12 MattThe evening features a lot of game play talk between various players, but with one big problem. No one knows Matt has the Diamond Power of Veto to save himself from the block. And they don’t know who he will put up instead. So all their plans are nearly guaranteed to be thrown into chaos by Matt.

We had to laugh at the conversation between Matt and Britney around 11:40 PM BBT about sex. Especially Matt saying he and cuddle-buddy Ragan have talking about the “butt” stuff. LOL! If you have the Big Brother Live Feeds, you have to use the rewind to go back and check out that conversation.

Closing out the night, Enzo tells Hayden that Brendon is going to take them to the final 3. They predict Matt going this week and Britney the next. They are still waffling over what to say to Matt before the vote. If they do it wrong, one of them might find themselves on the bad end of Matt’s Diamond Power of Veto as his replacement – but they don’t know about that, of course.

Last, but not least, one of our favorite parts of the day is Enzo finding a note under his pillow from the Saboteur (Ragan) saying “I know your secret.” That is just too tasty! You know Enzo is going to be all freaked out by that.

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