Big Brother 12: Power of Veto Episode – Week 6

Big Brother 12 has been a bit slow here and there this season, but the drama inside the house is definitely picking up! On this week’s Power of Veto episode of Big Brother, things are getting very heated in the house, especially when an eliminated Houseguest returns!

Big Brother 12 Ragan and Rachel
Ragan and Rachel go at it (CBS)

As the new Head of Household, Brendon nominated Lane and Ragan for elimination – leaving many of the Houseguests (and the fans) shaking their heads in confusion. The truth behind his choices, Brendon reveals, is that he wants Ragan out because Ragan helped get his girl Rachel eliminated. Please! EVERYONE in the house wanted her out and worked toward that goal!

Ragan is devastated over being nominated for eviction. He should be, if he leaves the house this week, he’ll not only lose out on the big prize, he’ll also lose that $20,000 of Saboteur money. Ragan cries and whines that even if he wins Power of Veto, he believes either Matt or Britney, his supposed friends, will go home.

Brendon tells Lane that nominating him is not about getting him out; he’s just a pawn to get Ragan out. Once again, Brendon shows off his bonehead by telling Lane he had to “avenge Rachel.” That girl has some kind of demonic power over this poor guy. He needs an exorcism!

For the Power of Veto Competition, Brendon, Ragan and Lane battle it out with Enzo, Kathy and Hayden as the extra players. Britney and Matt are left out, which Brendon likes because it means he could put either of them up as a replacement nominee if someone uses the Power of Veto.

The Houseguests are roused for the Power of Veto Competition by an insulting robot labeled “Zingbot 3000.” The robot mocks the Houseguests and says he is there to host the competition.

The players get dressed up as robots and head outside to find giant puzzle pieces, balance beams and rotating platforms in the backyard. Each player is tasked with assembling a “Veto” puzzle by grabbing puzzle pieces, crossing a balance beam and standing on the rotating platform and putting the puzzle together. If they fall off the balance beam or platform, they are out.

Kathy whines that her balance sucks and she is getting seasick. Lane, on the other hand, says it isn’t so hard – “we do this in Texas, it’s called do-si-do.” Ragan is in the lead; Brendon is in second place and totally cheating off Ragan’s puzzle, which Ragan notices. “Brendon is only as smart as the person he’s cheating off of,” Ragan says.

Matt complains that his alliance members are the “three buffoons” and that “the only person doing worse than the Brigade is Kathy.” Kathy, of course, falls off and gets eliminated first from the competition. Britney bitches about Kathy being such a lame competitor.

In the end, Ragan puts together his puzzle first and wins the Power of Veto. He is thrilled because not only is he safe from elimination, he is also guaranteed to get his $20,000 in Saboteur money for sticking around this long.

All the Houseguests are thrown into a frenzy of discussion about who will end up on the block with Lane now that Ragan has the Power of Veto. Enzo and Hayden, showing the cracking apart of the Brigade alliance, talk about being better off if Matt goes home.

Meanwhile, Brendon goes up to the Head of Household room to find Pandora’s Box waiting for him. A note says that paradise and a trip are waiting for him if he opens it and Rachel appears on the video screen. Brendon jumps at the opportunity, saying “are you kidding me, I’m definitely going for it, a chance to see Rachel and a trip, I’m definitely opening Pandora’s Box.”

Too bad for Brendon, but Pandora’s Box is a tricky thing! Yes, Brendon does get to go on a trip – but not WITH Rachel! Instead, Rachel comes back to the Big Brother house for 24 hours while Brendon is gone. The Houseguests are not very pleased about the devil redhead returning. Britney says “when I saw Rachel, I wanted to throw up all over myself.”

Rachel immediately starts going after people, telling Ragan he better be nice to her because she’s on the jury. He declines, saying he’d be thrilled if she doesn’t vote for him.

Rachel is upset when she discovered her boy toy Brendon is not in the house to be her slave. So she starts bashing on Ragan again. He slaps back with “Why don’t you get us a drink waitress,” which we just loved! Ragan tells Rachel that no one likes her, she protests that isn’t true and looks for support from the other Houseguests. No one responds except Enzo, who waffles by saying “I’m friends with everybody bro.”

Ragan and Rachel continue to butt heads. Rachel asks him “do you have to be the biggest bitch because you’re gay?” He smacks her with “I’m not a big bitch because I’m gay; I’m a big bitch because you’re an absolute monster.” It just gets nastier and nastier. If you’ve been watching the Big Brother Live Feeds, you know that most of Rachel’s stay in the house was just catfight after catfight galore!

The Head of Household room opens again, but Brendon is not up there. He’s off in Malibu at what appears to be the Jury House – looking for Rachel, who isn’t there of course. Brendon finds a note saying she is “enjoying her vacation somewhere else.” He thinks that sucks, but hopes she is having fun. Then he heads off for a message and a swim.

After a few more rounds of fighting with Ragan, Rachel heads up to the Head of Household room again. She writes out a message to Brendon that says “I Love You” and “Matt.” She tells the cameras that she wants Brendon to put up Matt as Ragan’s replacement on the block. She tells Kathy about the message and Kathy locks the HOH room door for her to keep the others out.

Matt, BTW, goes NUTS over this when he finds out about it later and calls it a blatant violation of Big Brother rules. Houseguests are not allowed to write in the house and he thinks an evicted Houseguest leaving a message for a current one is wrong. On the Big Brother Live Feeds, Matt goes to the Big Brother powers-that-be to complain, but they say no current rules were violated – but they will reevaluate for the future.

After Rachel leaves, Kathy starts spewing about the message she left for Brendon and that it says to nominate Matt.

When Brendon gets back to the house, he sees Rachel’s messages and says he now knows who to put up to replace Ragan. Talking to him later, Ragan tells Brendon that he needs to start playing for himself, not as “Brendon and Rachel.” He suggests that Brendon nominate Britney instead of Matt. Well, of course he does, Matt is his freakish cuddle-snuggle buddy! He tries to justify his suggestion by saying that if Matt goes against Lane, Lane is the one more likely to go home.

The Saboteur keeps the Houseguests up all night long with cryptic, random messages, leaving them looking all very sleep-deprived the next morning. Starting off, he tells them there will be a game-changing competition the next day, but at the end he says he lied. The Saboteur (Ragan) would be a lot more effective at driving people nuts if he didn’t lie. Now no one believes anything he says.

At the Power of Veto Ceremony, Ragan takes himself off the block, of course. Brendon pipes up to say he is making his decision based on what is best for himself and Rachel. (Yuck!) He puts up Matt as the replacement nominee, once again playing Rachel’s butt boy.

Matt, of course, thinks this is funny because he has the Diamond Power of Veto from when he opened Pandora’s Box. He says he can’t wait to see the look on Brendon’s face when he uses it.

That’s it for this episode. Stay tuned for next time, when we find out who will be the new Head of Household, who Matt will name as his replacement nominee and who gets thrown out of the Big Brother house!

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