Big Brother 2014 Spoilers: Week 5 Eviction Results & HoH Recap

While Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds told us days ago who would be evicted this week, we still can’t wait to see the aftermath from tonight’s live vote. We are sure there will be at least one Houseguest who is going to be seriously distraught by who got evicted on Big Brother tonight. Even if he does still think he’s the mastermind behind putting them up on the block.

Big Brother 2014 Cast - Amber & Jocasta (CBS)
Big Brother 2014 Cast – Amber & Jocasta (CBS)

If you have been watching the Big Brother Live Feeds the past few days, you no doubt know who is almost getting the boot this evening. The big question to us about the eviction is whether or not Team America will be tossing a couple of rogue votes against the majority to try to complete their latest mission.

If they do, all three of them — Derrick, Frankie, and Donny — will have to be involved in accusing other Houseguests of making those votes. That could be very bad for their games and Donny certainly did not want to go there. If they don’t, it means kissing $5,000 each goodbye.

After the live eviction, we’ll have a new Head of Household Competition and unfortunately it does not look like an endurance challenge. We love those and we were hoping to see one this week. From Big Brother spoilers on the Live Feeds, however, it looks like we’ll be having a memory-oriented competition instead.

Our live Big Brother recap of the week 5 eviction and HoH show starts below right now. Come hang out with us and find out what happens!

We bid a happy hello to our host Julie Chen tonight, who is looking ravishing as always as she welcomes us to the show with a jab at Caleb thinking he is a “hopeless romantic” when in fact his desire for Amber is just plain “hopeless.”

Then we roll along to a brief video recap of the events leading up to tonight’s show, including the details of the backdoor plan to get Amber evicted — and how Caleb thinks her going up on the block is actually all hi

It’s Day 42 inside the Big Brother 16 house and The Detonators continue to dominate with Caleb as their unknowing pawn. All week they’ve been pulling the cowboy’s strings like a puppet. But tonight America gets to pull some of their own strings as Team America learns their latest secret mission.s doing. When, of course, he was just the pawn manipulated into doing what Frankie and his pals wanted.

But first, Caleb put his love in harm’s way hoping to get her to turn to him for safety, but instead he may have just sealed her fate.

After the Nomination Ceremony, Amber tells Frankie and the guys that they totally planned it. Hayden promises Jocasta that she is safe. So does Victoria. But Jocasta says in Diary Room that you just never know.

Caleb says he wanted Amber up on the block so she would be scared a little bit and know she isn’t always safe in the game. He says in Diary Room that he’s put his neck on the line and done so much for her. He doesn’t want Amber to go home, but he wants to see what she will do now that she’s on the block.

Amber tells Frankie she is mad at Zach and Frankie says she should be. She wants to know why Zach couldn’t go up as the replacement nominee instead of her. Nicole and Christine quickly exit. Amber says the guys have put her up for personal reasons. Frankie says he put her up because of what Caleb has said about her. Amber says she doesn’t get it. Frankie says she needs to talk to Caleb.

Amber confronts Caleb and wants to know what his reasoning is for her to be up on the block. He wants to read a bible verse to her about trust but she doesn’t want to hear it. She says she hasn’t given them any reason not to trust her. Caleb says she has been doing nothing but hanging out with Victoria, Nicole, etc. instead of hanging out with them. She responds that he is acting like she is working with someone else than them and that is just one big slap in the face.

We zoom in on Caleb glaring at Amber through the glass of the back door, scaring the heck out of Derrick when he tries to come inside. Caleb says in Diary Room that he has put his “girl” up on the block and now he’s starting to think it was a mistake. The last thing he wants is to see her pack her bags and walk out the door.

Caleb tells Amber that he totally apologizes to her for putting her up. He says the one person he wanted to keep his promises to in the house was her. She says, well, he broke it. Caleb says he brought up the idea to put her on the block but they “all” agreed to it. She wants to know who “all” is. Caleb says the whole Bomb Squad alliance thought it was a good idea. Amber can’t believe they all threw her under the bus like that.

In Diary Room, Amber says she feels betrayed that all of her alliance members agreed to put her up on the block. If this is true than she has done everything wrong by helping others and not helping herself. She tells Caleb that she would never put him on the block like that.

Caleb goes to talk to Frankie and he is really upset. He says Amber doesn’t deserve to be where she is and he feels like a sleazeball. He thinks it was a stupid decision. Frankie totally commiserates with him and whines about how it seemed like such a good idea when Caleb came to him with it. When, of course, in fact, it was all Frankie and The Detonators manipulating Caleb into doing it.

In Diary Room, Frankie can’t believe Caleb still thinks he is in control of and solely responsible for making sure Amber went up on the block. Frankie says he is just going to allow Caleb to take all the blame for everything. Caleb is really upset and in tears over it all. Frankie hugs and comforts him and agrees that Amber doesn’t deserve to be on the block. He tells Caleb he is his brother and his ‘beast mode cowboy’ and he should have said no to putting Amber up. (He is lying, of course.)

In Diary Room, Frankie says he hasn’t seen a cowboy cry this much since Brokeback Mountain. He says Caleb does hold a special place in his heart though and he really was trying to comfort him. Even if he was still lying to him all over the place. Caleb says Amber has done nothing wrong and it’s like sending someone to jail to murder when they didn’t do anything. He says if Amber doesn’t come off the block, he is done with everyone and will just play by himself.

Fishing for information to forward the plan to get rid of Amber, Zach pushes her to answer the question of whether she likes Caleb like that. She breaks down in tears in front of Cody, Derrick, Christine, and Zach and walks out. She goes down into the Hive Room and Christine follows her.

Amber says she is so tired of Zach. She feels so pressured because she doesn’t like Caleb the way he wants her to. And she can’t like him like that. She says he is hurting her game so bad. It’s like he wants to be some kind of hero or something. Christine says that is exactly what it is. Amber says Caleb is really frustrating her and she can put him up if she wants to.

In Diary Room, Christine says she has been trying to think of how to convince the guys to keep Amber and she has just put a perfect present in her lap. She wants Caleb gone. So she can tell the guys that she does not want them out and they should keep her and she can get Caleb out.

Christine tells Frankie and Derrick that Zach is no longer Amber’s target. Now she wants Caleb out. Christine says it would be best for her game to keep Amber. But Frankie says Amber is unpredictable and dangerous. In Diary Room, Frankie says he is elated to learn this piece of information. He can use this to put the nail in Amber’s coffin. If Caleb hears this, he will go ballistic and come back to the fold and be one of the guys and keep sending people home.

Caleb tells Zach, Cody, Derrick, and Frankie that they should all vote to keep Amber. Caleb says he has their backs. Zach asks if Caleb really believes everything she tells him. Frankie says Amber is going around telling everyone that he is her target because he is ruining her game. Caleb says how is he ruining her game when he has been doing everything to help her. Zach eggs him on that she is totally dissing him. Caleb stomps out, pushing a protesting Frankie out of his way, and Zach is dancing with happiness over the chaos.

Caleb says in Diary Room that he hopes he can keep it together after hearing this. It’s like a dagger in his heart and he says it clear he has been blinded since day one. He throws off the slippers he is wearing (they’re Amber’s) and stomps around.

Tiem to talk to the Houseguests. Host Julie Chen starts off by offering her condolences for the loss of Derrick’s grandfather. Then she turns to Zach and talks about his outbursts. Zach says he can’t keep his mouth shut and he hates everyone in the room with every ounce of his body. Julie says that is a very interesting strategy he has. She asks Nicole, who was the victim of one of the Zach Attacks, what was going through her mind. Nicole says she was so shocked she didn’t really know what to think.

Julie says her question for Caleb comes from one of the viewers. She says bunny slippers and scarves on his head, is this the way he dresses at home? He jokes that yes, he does. But really, they are Amber’s slippers and he’s been a Have-Not and it’s really cold, so that’s why the scarves. And he jokes that sometimes he just likes to be metro. He says maybe Frankie is rubbing off on him, he’s not sure.

In just a few short minutes, it will be time for the live vote. But first, it is time for the viewers and Team America to find out their secret mission for this week. They are told that their quest this time is to vote against the house in this week’s eviction and then publicly accuse two other Houseguests of the votes in the eviction fallout. Derrick is not so pleased to find out the mission.

Donny does not want to do the mission. Frankie does and he thinks they can blame Caleb and Zach did it 100 percent. Derrick agrees with Donny though that it isn’t just about the vote. It would be just so out of character for Donny to accuse anyone of anything because that isn’t his character. Frankie says in Diary Room this isn’t a tough mission to pull off, it’s a tough one to survive. Donny says he came her to play his own game, not America’s.

Before the vote, Amber and Jocasta get to make a brief statement. Amber sends love to her family and friends. She says Jocasta is an amazing women and it is very unfortunate she is sitting next to her. Amber says she didn’t think she would love everyone as much as she does. She has played a very loyal and honest game and it would benefit their game if she stayed in the house.

Jocasta says she has to acknowledge God before everyone and gives a shoutout to her husband, kids, and family. She says she is loyal and trustworthy and prays for everyone every night. God bless to everyone, God bless to Julie. Now it’s time for the live vote.

Big Brother 2014 Week 5 Votes:

  • Cody votes to evict: Amber
  • Nicole votes to evict: Amber
  • Hayden votes to evict: Amber
  • Derrick votes to evict: Amber (Derrick apologizes for Team America and blames it all on Donny)
  • Caleb votes to evict: (sadly, sadly, his beautiful girl) Amber
  • Christine votes to evict: Amber
  • Victoria votes to evict: (the fakest of them all) Amber
  • Zach votes to evict: (gladly) Amber
  • Donny votes to evict: Amber (he says sorry to America about the mission, too risky)

And Amber Borzotra has been evicted from the Big Brother 2014 house. Amber looks stunned. She was lied to all week about the votes and had to have had hope she would be saved. As she leaves, she doesn’t really hug anyone. She tells them she has played a very loyal game and she thinks they know that. And she’s not going to say anything about anyone’s game now. She says she will count down the days and love to everyone.

Amber runs out outside and hugs Julie while the remaining Houseguests gather around to watch her picture fade to black and white on the Memory Wall. We really thought Caleb would look more upset.

Everyone hugs Jocasta. Zach gives Caleb a hug and a slap on the back. Caleb says that is what happens when you bite the hand that feeds you.

Julie wants to know who Amber feels betrayed by the most. Amber says she played a very loyal game but she guesses it would have to be Caleb. She thinks it was honestly personal and she’s sorry she was not interested in him. Amber says she wasn’t surprised she didn’t get any votes because it is a game and people are going to backstab. Amber says she thinks people thought maybe she was a flip-flopper in the house. She was hoping it would be all the girls kicking the guys out soon. She doesn’t know why the girls couldn’t get together and oppose the guys.

Amber says she didn’t consider blowing up anyone’s game because she wanted to show that she was honest and loyal. Julie asks if Caleb’s one-sided romance with her messed up her game in the house? Amber says yes, it really did affect her game. She says he still has her bunny slippers and she would like those back. Julie says she doesn’t think that will happen. Amber says she considered Cody was like her brother in the house and his vote probably was really the worst betrayel.

In the goodbye messages, Christine reveals The Detonators and that Caleb is the next target. Donny says Amber reminds him of home and he hates to see her go. Amber starts to tear up. Caleb says Amber was an amazing person but at the end of the day he is still the king of the house and she is no longer his queen. Amber says she is not mad at all. She thinks Donny is running the house and Zach is the villain. She’s ready to see her family and enjoy the rest of her summer. But she is NOT going to be Caleb’s date to the finale and she is definitely single!

Big Brother 16 Eviction Show July 31 2014 1

Before the HoH Competition, we get a flashback to the Houseguests finding the Memory Wall doing strange things. The wall flashes that it is “time to get loopy” and then starts showing video loops fo things that happened at past competitions. This is a clear indication that the Head of Household Competition is probably going to be a memory competition. So they will have to watch and study the videos for the answers to the questions they will be asked.

In the Head of Household Competition, the Houseguests had to answer true or false questions about the things they saw in the video loops.

Big Brother 2014 Week 6 Head of Household Comp:

  • Round 1: Everyone is right
  • Round 2: Jocasta is out
  • Round 3: Everyone is right
  • Round 4: Everyone is right
  • Round 5: Everyone is right
  • Round 6: Victoria, Derrick, and Christine are out
  • Round 7: Everyone is right
  • Round 8: Everyone is right
  • Round 9: Everyone is right
  • Round 10: Everyone is right
  • Round 11: Cody is out
  • Round 12:  Everyone is right
  • Round 13: …

We are out of time for the live broadcast and have to go to commercial. When we come back, host Julie Chen says we will have to wait until Sunday to find out who won the HoH. (Or you can hop over and read our SPOILERS here.) And then one week from tonight, it will be Double Eviction time — a whole week of Big Brother in just one night.

That’s a wrap!

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