Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Who Won Head of Household For Week 6?

We are excited about the Big Brother spoilers for who won Head of Household Thursday night! After a far too predictable eviction vote, we were hoping for a nice shakeup in the house. We’ve been having fun watching the Big Brother 2014 cast in action so far, but we needed a little fresh blood in the HoH room.

Big Brother 2014 HoH Competition (CBS)
Big Brother 2014 HoH Competition (CBS)

Since this week’s Heads of Household Competition was a memory challenge, that meant that pretty much anyone could win it. Well, okay, we admit some Houseguests seem to have a bit more in the way of brain skills than others. But we were at least hoping the usual winning players wouldn’t have so much of an advantage this time around.

We were hopeful we’d be seeing some new faces in power after the Heads of Household challenge this week, and that’s exactly what happened!

No Frankie, no Cody, no Caleb, no Zach… the winners of the Head of Household this week are… Nicole and Donny! Okay, well, Nicole has been HoH before but at least she’s a girl and she’s not tied into the main alliances in the house so much. We are excited what this week will bring with these two in charge and can’t wait to see who goes up on the block for Nominations!

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