Caleb Reynolds Fans Respond to Big Brother 16 Racism Accusations

After Big Brother 2014 cast member Caleb Reynolds was accused of being a racist and homophobe over comments he made on Instagram, his fans immediately went on the warpath to clear his name. Despite Caleb’s remarks online calling President Barack Obama a “Muslim monkey,” his supporters insist the Texas native is not a racist.

Big Brother 16 Houseguest Caleb Reynolds (CBS/BigBrotherNetwork)
Big Brother 16 Houseguest Caleb Reynolds (CBS/BigBrotherNetwork)

With the mainstream media already labeling Caleb a bigot, we are really hoping we are not in for another season of the press and fans going to war over every perceived racist or homophobic remark made by the Big Brother 16 cast.

Big Brother 16 cast Houseguest Caleb Reynolds is being accused of being a racist and a homophobe after fans uncovered a nasty rant he posted against President Barack Obama on Instagram. His initial post about how the president was going to “shred this country apart” were certainly nothing to get riled up about. Everyone has the right to their political opinion. However, it was his vitriol response to someone who criticized the post that brought out the real ugly in Caleb.

According to Caleb Reynold’s supporters, however, there isn’t a racist bone in his body, regardless of what he may have posted on his Instagram account. A slew of Caleb’s family, friends, and fans have come out on social media to dispute accusations that Caleb is a racist. Although, we have to note that no one seems to be talking about whether or not he is really is homophobic. That topic just seems to be sliding right by.

In a post to Caleb’s official Big Brother Twitter feed, his brothers shot back at the racist accusations by posting a tweet saying that anyone accusing Caleb of being a racist was clueless. They backed this up with a “proof” image showing Caleb posting in various photos with people of various skin colors. Unfortunately, this just only kind of made us think of Aaryn Gries last year talking about how she has ‘black friends’ and when to prom with a black guy, so she couldn’t possibly be racist.


One of Caleb’s non-white friends also piped up with a YouTube video denying that the Big Brother 16 cast member is a racist. In the video, diggdadd67 says “he’s not racist, he’s by far that, he’s one of my best friends. I went to school with him, known him about eight years… For y’all out there just hatin’ on him…. [rolls eyes] Keep your head up Caleb, keep God first and you’ll make it. Team Caleb.”

A bunch of other Caleb’s friends and family also posted messages to Twitter in his support, denying any accusations of racism. Although, again, pretty much completely ignoring any comments about any alleged homophobia. Here’s just a few of them below.

Make your own call on whether you think Caleb’s rant on Instagram was really indicative of who he is as a person, or just someone ignorantly saying stupid things in the heat of passion. We’ll see what happens when the Big Brother Live Feeds start rolling!


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