Big Brother 16 Racism Controversy Already Heating Up?

Do we have another Big Brother racism controversy brewing for season 16? The Big Brother 2014 premiere is still two days away, but we already have one Houseguest being called out for his history of racist and homophobic remarks online.

Big Brother 16 Houseguest Caleb Reynolds (Instagram)
Big Brother 16 Houseguest Caleb Reynolds (Instagram)

The new Big Brother 16 racism controversy exploded after fans dug up a racist and homophobic rant on new Houseguest Caleb Johnson‘s Instagram feed. (The page has since been deleted.) In one of the posts on his feed, Caleb — obviously a Republican — let loose with both racist and homophobic comments in a nasty post about Democratic President Barack Obama.

On his Instagram account, Caleb Johnson posted a simple image proclaiming “YEAH FOR OBAMA HE GETS TO SHRED THIS COUNTRY APART FOR ANOTHER 4 YEARS ONLY GOD CAN HELP US NOW!!!” This was, of course, dated back when President Obama was reelected.

Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a political opinion or being a Republican, let’s just get that out there. If that was all Caleb had said, we’d be moving right along. It’s what the Big Brother 16 cast member said next in response to a commenter on his post that is causing so much controversy. Check out the exchange to the right in the image below:


If you found that a bit hard to read, let’s call out Caleb’s response to the person criticizing his image post on his Instagram feed:

“You believe in murder? You agree with fags? I guess so but I don’t agree with murdering A innocent baby which he clearly doesn’t mind. Nothin has changed in these last four years. You know it. Your just a democrat that wants that Muslim monkey in office. I’m done with you, your dismissed.”

Putting aside the obviously ignorant grammatical errors of this statement, it is chock full of some seriously disturbing language. You can’t argue that calling the president a “Muslim monkey” is not racist. And you can’t deny using the word “fags,” especially in this context, is not homophobic.

Frankly, we’re actually shocked that CBS Big Brother casting did not research this guy more before putting him on the Big Brother 2014 cast after the horrid racism controversy last season. How hard was it to have someone go through his social media accounts with a fine-toothed comb and dig this stuff out?

After all, it only took fans a couple of days to ferret this out. Caleb’s Twitter account and Facebook account are wiped, but we can’t even imagine what kinds of things he probably said on those that could have been found by CBS during the casting process as well. Oh, and in case you were wondering, Caleb is from Texas, just like former racism controversy Houseguest Aaryn Gries. Nothing against the great state of Texas, but you’d think casting director Robyn Kass would have been ESPECIALLY careful about who she cast from there!

Well, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if Caleb’s obviously racist and homophobic attitudes actually come out on the Big Brother Live Feeds this year, or he’s smart enough to keep his mouth shut.

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