big-brother-15-cbs-splashLast night on the Big Brother Live Feeds, the cameras flashed inside the normally forbidden Diary Room for a few moments to reveal one of the HouseGuests sitting beside the Most Valuable Player envelope.

We very much doubt this was one of those ‘accidental’ Diary Room leaks like we had last year. This was obviously an intentional reveal by the producers to give a little extra Big Brother 15 spoilers spice to the Live Feeds viewers.

SPOILERS WARNING: This post contains Big Brother 2013 spoilers from events that happened on the Big Brother Live Feeds. This information has not yet aired on the CBS Big Brother 15 prime time network show. So if you don’t want to know what happened, please stop reading now!

If you do want to know who won MVP for week two and who they have nominated to go up for eviction, just click the plus sign below our SPOILER ALERT banner below for the full scoop!

[spoiler name=”Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Week 2 MVP Eviction Nomination”]

As we previously revealed, Elissa was once again voted by America as the Most Valuable Player this week. This did not come as much of a surprise and we’re betting many of the other HouseGuests are just going to keep assuming it is Elissa no matter what she says.

Elissa might have possibly had some competition from Aaryn Gries this week if the Texas student hadn’t become the poster girl for racism and homophobia inside the Big Brother 15 house this season. When Aaryn was first presented to the viewers, she was quickly labelled as the ‘America’s sweetheart’ competitor and widely voted as the hottest girl on BB15 by our readers. Her nasty, offensive remarks on the Big Brother Live Feeds, however, quickly put her into the category of ‘most hated HouseGuests’ not just this season, but perhaps of all time. So there was no longer a threat to Elissa from her, that’s for sure.

elissamvpweek2As for the rest of the players, pretty much no one else even stood a chance. Most of the polls out there for who would be chosen as MVP this week had Elissa leading by an incredibly wide margin over everyone. Unless something radical happens (like she gets evicted), it is very likely Elissa will keep winning MVP repeatedly for quite a while.

Immediately after winning MVP, Elissa sprang into action. Last time she won, she informed Head of Household McCrae about the win and they teamed up for a bit of alliance action to put up David as the third nominee (which led to his eviction). But McCrae then nominated Elissa for eviction as the replacement nominee when he took down Candice with the PoV, which could very well have ended up with her out of the house. So… Elissa doesn’t trust him so much at this point.

This time, Elissa doesn’t tell McCrae, she tells Helen instead. Helen, her new buddy and fellow eviction nominee this week, advises her not to tell anyone else that she won. Elissa thinks she should put up Jeremy on the block and Helen is down with that. They also agree on a plan that if Jeremy wins Power of Veto or he ends up getting saved from the block, they would replace him with Nick.

Unfortunately for Elissa and Helen, they don’t know that putting up Jeremy or Nick is probably not a good game move since they are both part of The Moving Company alliance. With the MC behind them, it is very unlikely either of them would be evicted at this time. However, things do change quickly in the Big Brother 15 house and we already know from the Big Brother Live Feeds that Aaryn and Jessie have been gossiping about how Jeremy is a rat and told Judd and Andy to vote out Aaryn’s showmance boy-toy David.

The official results for the MVP eviction nomination are now in. As we predicted, Elissa stuck to her plan with Helen and put up Jeremy as the third eviction nominee for week two. It is very likely that he could end up either winning Power of Veto or get saved by one of his alliance members if they win it. If he comes off the block, Elissa will likely nominate Nick to replace him. Regardless, unless there is a big shift of votes in the house, we doubt Elissa will repeat in getting her pick evicted this week.


Next up, we’ll bring you the Big Brother spoilers from the Power of Veto Competition coming up soon on the  Big Brother Live Feeds!

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