Big Brother 15 Week 10 Monday Live Feeds Highlights (34)Hold on to your hats folks because things are getting all kinds of crazy town inside the Big Brother 15 house. Not only is there a new plan between former hated enemies Amanda Zuckerman and Elissa Slater to potentially flip the vote this week but a nasty alliance betrayal in the works as well. Guess who is in the middle of all of it? Why, look, it’s ninja Andy the pop-up king!

As usual, Andy Herren is right in the midst of all the madness, while somehow managing to keep himself from getting his hands filthy with the blood of his housemates. Andy has survived this whole season by working every side of the house at the same time and never pissing off anyone enough to make him the main enemy to evict. If the HouseGuests aren’t very careful, he’ll sneak his way right into a half million dollars before this game is done.

Read on below our SPOILER ALERT! banner below for the latest on Andy’s nefarious plans and how he hopes to betray final three alliance teammate Amanda — and then blame Elissa for the betrayal!

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Andy coasted through the first half of the season by being everyone’s friend and double-dealing spy. Finally, Andy almost finally landed a target on his head when he betrayed Elissa and Helen to support his more important alliance with McCrae and Amanda. Then he was a key player in forming The Exterminators alliance with a goal of voting to evict Amanda this week. But right now, Amanda and Elissa both now appear to trust him enough to let them in on their most important plans. Can you believe this guy?

Late last night around 12:40 AM BBT, Elissa suddenly told Amanda that she wants to vote to keep her this week — shocking Amanda, us, and pretty much everyone in the universe. (You can read all about that here and whether or not production may have had a hand in that move.) As soon as the plot was hatched to save Amanda, Andy popped in and was right in the center of it.

Big Brother 15 Week 10 Monday Live Feeds Highlights (36)Elissa and Amanda both wrangled him into their circle of trust and told him that if he would vote to keep Amanda, they would take him to the final four with them and McCrae. Andy pretty much told them what they wanted to hear — that he would support the plan and vote to keep Amanda instead of Spencer. Although if we’d seen that “oh my god” look on his face when they told him what was up, we would have immediately been suspicious.

Of course, we know that Andy is secretly in a final four deal with Spencer, GinaMarie and Judd. So he went right to them and spilled the beans on Amanda and Elissa’s shocking plan to flip the vote and save Amanda. He promised them that there is no way he would flip and he still plans to vote out Amanda. He told them that sharing Elissa and Amanda’s secret plot should prove he is truly loyal to their Exterminators alliance.

More than that, however, Andy plans on using the ‘save Amanda’ plot to stir up a huge batch of trouble in the house and get McCrae and Elissa to go after each other at the next eviction, whether that is next week or there is a double this week. (There is a double this Thursday, BTW.) He says he is going to make sure Amanda and Elissa believe he is going to vote against Spencer at the eviction and be very excited about saving Amanda. But then he is NOT going to vote against Spencer, he is going to vote against Amanda.

When Amanda is evicted, Andy says he is going to publicly confront Elissa and blame HER for the failure of the ‘save Amanda’ plan and act like SHE is the one who betrayed the plan and voted against Amanda — not him. That way, he hopes McCrae will think Elissa betrayed Amanda and they will target each other.

Meanwhile, Elissa gave Amanda her WEDDING RING as collateral (around 2:40 PM BBT on Tuesday) that she intends to vote to save her. We can’t help but wonder what Elissa’s husband thinks of that! And of course, wonder if it really is her REAL wedding ring. Amanda thinks it is. Amanda gave Elissa her earrings as a promise that she will take her to the final four if she is saved. They hugged it out and now appear to be besties. They both believe they have Andy on board with this plan and have no idea of his scheming to betray Amanda and blame Elissa.

Now we just have one question left before this whole twisted plot goes into action. Is Elissa for real? Does she really intend to vote to keep the woman who has called her every nasty thing in the book, insulted her repeatedly, tortured her for days and treated her like garbage? Does she really think this is the best move for her game? Or… is she actually trying to frame Andy into betraying not Amanda, but himself at the eviction — so he ends up as the next target instead of her?

This kind of chaos, confusion and drama is why we love Big Brother and right now it’s a blast to watch on the Live Feeds. So hop on over and watch all the fun for yourself and enjoy the ride!

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