Big Brother Spoilers: Fans Yell Love For Zach Into Backyard

We had a bit of an unusual disturbance on the Big Brother Live Feeds last night. Apparently some fans managed to get close enough to the backyard to yell in to the Big Brother 16 cast. This isn’t the first time it has happened, but it is a pretty rare occurrence.

Big Brother Spoilers Zach
Big Brother 2014 Cast – Zach (CBS)

The incident happened just after 10 PM on the Live Feeds. Derrick, Cody, and Christine were talking in the hammock in the backyard. Christine was b**ching about Frankie being a disgusting diva on their NFL football trip. Cody was whining about how Caleb is full of himself over everyone calling him Beast Mode Cowboy.

Suddenly, from outside the backyard, you can hear some crazy Big Brother 16 fans yelling what sounds like “I love Big Brother” and then “I love you Zach,” followed by “I love you more!”

Christine was sickened by the Zach love and she didn’t want anyone to tell him because he’d be insufferable about it. Derrick said it was amazing and ridiculous and he was totally jealous.

Shortly after this, the Houseguests are put on lockdown. Guess CBS Big Brother wasn’t too happy about that happening.




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