Big Brother 23 Spoilers Week 8 Head Of Household Results (08/26/21)

This week’s Big Brother 23 Head of Household competition will be very interesting, first because we already know that it’s a question and answer one. We also know that if Kyland Young wins another Head of Household, the houseguests and viewers will riot. This is also the final week of the Big Brother 23 High Roller’s Room competition. The High Roller’s Room has the potential to completely disrupt the current HOH’s reign.

Big Brother 23 Week 8 HOH

It’s a question and answer Head of Household, we know this because the houseguests were studying for it last night. The best and worst thing about questions and answers Head of Household competition is that anyone can win it. Someone can know all the answers, and then get tripped up by second-guessing themselves. 

As of now, only two players could have enough to play in this week’s High Roller’s Competition for the Coin of Destiny. Only Derek Fraiser and Hannah Chaddha could possibly have enough, unless Big Brother adds some money winning potential from now until tomorrow after nominations. 

The houseguests had to watch NFTS, which are basically gifs, of moments from Big Brother 23. They then had to answer true or false questions about them. It came down to Alyssa, Hannah, and Tiffany.



Big Brother Tiffany wins HOH

Tiffany won Head of Household!

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