Big Brother 23 Spoilers: Week 8 Block Nominations (08/27/21)

We finally have the first female Cookout Head of Household winner. Tiffany Mitchell has wanted a Big Brother 23 Head of Household win for a while. She’s also been laser focused on one target: Sarah Beth Steagall. It’s pretty clear that Tiffany is finally going to take a shot at Sarah Beth with her closest ally Kyland Young sitting on the block right next to her. 

Big Brother Nominations

Sarah Beth has managed to escape eviction for the last two weeks. Now we’ll see if she can escape eviction yet again. With the final Big Brother High Roller’s Room prize up for grabs, there is a very slight chance that Sarah Beth could escape the block.

She has at least two chances this week to come off the block, the High Roller’s Room competition and the Veto. As of now, we only know for sure that Derek Fraiser and Hannah Chaddha have enough BB Bucks to play for the Coin of Destiny, However, with each houseguest receiving a random envelope with BB Bucks, more houseguests have the potential to play. It’ll depend on their envelope and America’s vote. For most players, the Coin of Destiny won’t benefit their game, so we’ll be curious to see if anyone plays in it, and if they do, who do they take off and who do they nominate as replacements. 

Xavier Prather will for sure not have enough BB Bucks because he sacrificed all his BB Bucks for the Veto. Xavier’s win also meant that he would automatically become the third nominee this week. 

So who did Tiffany nominate to sit next to Xavier on the block? Read below to find out! 



Tiffany nominated Kyland and Sarah Beth, Xavier was automatically nominated as a punishment for winning last week’s Veto.

Nominations are subject to change due to the Coin of Destiny. We will update this post if they change.


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