Big Brother 23 Spoilers Week 8 Power of Veto Competition Results (08/28/21)

It’s been an active 48-hours in the Big Brother 23 house. The week began with Tiffany Mitchell as the Head of Household. However, the Coin of Destiny power allowed Claire Rehfuss to overthrow her anonymously. Now Claire is the new secret Head of Household this week. She decided to still fulfill Tiffany’s wishes by keeping Sarah Beth Steagall and Kyland Young on the block. Xavier Prather went up as a result of his Power of Veto punishments. 

Because Tiffany is no longer Head of Household, and Claire’s HOH reign is anonymous, only Kyland, Sarah Beth, and Xavier were automatically playing in the Veto. The other three players were picked from a random draw. Those players were Alyssa Lopez, Hannah Chaddha, and Claire. 

This week’s Power of Veto is a little different from normal, because if Xavier wins, or if the Veto is used to save him, then no one else is nominated. Only Kyland and Sarah Beth remain on the block. This is also an interesting week because if Alyssa wins the Veto, and takes Sarah Beth off the block, then Claire would automatically have to nominate a Cookout member, and for sure a Cookout member would join the jury.

If Sarah Beth wins the Veto, then Tiffany would like Alyssa to go up on the block as her replacement. However, Claire is the current Head of Household. She could follow Tiffany’s suggestion or she could go rogue and put Derek Fraiser on the block. If this happens, once again a Cookout member is guaranteed to go to the jury and it will likely be Kyland. 

So what happened at this week’s Power of Veto Competition? Read below to find out!



Hannah won the Power of Veto.

She apparently won by 22 seconds, just beating Sarah Beth.  She also won a movie date with three houseguests. Hannah will likely use the Veto on Xavier, leaving Sarah Beth and Kyland on the block with no third nominee.

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