Big Brother 23 Episode 23 Recap: Will Tiffany Stay In Control As HOH?

For the second week in a row, a female has been crowned Head of Household in the Big Brother house. Tiffany Mitchell snatched the crown this week after Derek Xiao was evicted and sent to the jury house. Tiffany is a member of the house majority alliance, the Cookout, so they should be calling the shots.

Tiffany does seem to have her own agenda that at times could be more important than her commitment to the Cookout. Tonight, she will be tasked with nominating two members to the block without much of a pool to choose from now that we are 54 days into the Big Brother season. The final week of the High Roller Room twist will play out tonight, and Tiffany may lose her power as HOH. All of this and more tonight on Big Brother.

Week Eight HOH Competition Aftermath

Tiffany celebrated hard in the pantry with close allies Claire Rehfuss and Azah Awasum, while Kyland Young was crying like a baby in Derek Frazier’s arms over other Derek’s eviction.

Sarah Beth Steagall cried in the diary room after Derek X called her out during his last speech before the live eviction. Derek claimed SB was playing a “Nicole Franzel” game. SB is putting on a major front being happy about Tiffany’s HOH win.

A new alliance was revealed in the Big Brother 23 house called the Monarchy. This alliance includes Kyland, SB, Alyssa Lopez, and Xavier Prather. These are all members of the Cookout except SB.

Tiffany spoke with Kyland, and he wants her to put himself and SB on the block this week for eviction. He knows that he can no longer protect SB without jeopardizing the Cookout. That is still his main focus, his house majority alliance.

Tiffany has been after SB for weeks now to get her eliminated. She knows that SB will be her number one target in the Big Brother house.

Tiffany also knows the Coin of Destiny will be in play this week that could completely change her plans for the week. She spoke with all the Big Brother houseguests that she assumed would have enough BB Bucks to play. She asked Big D to play and win so her nominations would stay the same.

Week 8 Block Nominations

Tiffany nominated Kyland and SB to block for eviction this week. Xavier is the third nomination as his punishment from last week’s Power of Veto win. As mentioned, SB is her target, and Kyland was nominated to cover the Cookout alliance.

Tiffany told SB that Kyland was her target, and she was nominated because she is so close with Kyland. SB thanked Tiffany for being so transparent with her. WOW!

Week Three High Roller’s Room

This is the last week for the High Roller’s Room in the Big Brother 23 house. Houseguests with at least 250 BB Bucks can play this final game. The winner of the Coin of Destiny will force the current HOH into a coin flip for power. If the winner of this coin calls this toss correctly, they will immediately dethrone Tiffany and secretly take over all the HOH powers for the week.

The new HOH will be completely anonymous and will play from the shadows. They will be able to replace the current nominations to the block with their own choices. Tiffany can’t be nominated but everyone else in the Big Brother 23 house is eligible to be nominated for eviction.

Although Hannah Chaddha had enough BB Bucks to play, she declined. She and Tiffany spoke and would prefer Claire win the Coin of Destiny because she will keep Tiffany’s nominations the same, first off. Secondly, she won’t be able to play in the HOH competition next week increasing the chance of one of the members of the Cookout winning.

Coin of Destiny is a game of skill and precision. Players must roll a large coin into slots at the end of the gaming table. The player is given 2 minutes to roll coins into the slots and score the most points to win. The houseguest with the most points wins.

Big D decided to play because everyone knows he has enough money to play. He didn’t seem inclined to try very hard for the win, however. He scored 1 point in his two minutes of play. That’s how you throw a Big Brother competition.

Claire is up next. She scored 3 points. Needless to say, she won the Coin of Destiny. Now to the coin flip.

Claire chose heads. Tiffany flipped the coin, and it landed on heads. Claire is now SECRETLY the new HOH.

The secret HOH nominated Kyland and SB to the block. Well played Tiffany, well played.

Join us back here on Wednesday, September 1 at 8/7c for the POV competition.

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