Who Won Big Brother 23 Last Night? (09/29/21)

A few minutes ago, Big Brother crowned the first Black winner of a US civilian Big Brother season. It was a historical night as Azah Awasum, Derek Frazier, and Xavier Prather fought for their place in the final two. Then we saw the final two players face-off. 

Big Brother 23 Final three

The episode started with a season recap, then we had part three of the final Head of Household competition, the jury segment, followed by questions and answers, and final speeches. The entire Big Brother 23 season has been leading up to this moment. The big moment that all Big Brother fans have been waiting to see: a new Big Brother winner being crowned. 

This special 2-hour Big Brother 23 finale saw Xavier and Derek F face one another in the final two. Once Xavier took Derek F to the finale, it seemed pretty clear how the votes would go. However, you can never be too sure with a Big Brother jury.

So did Xavier or Derek F win Big Brother 23? Read below to find out!



Xavier won Big Brother 23 and became the first Black Big Brother US winner! He won by a unanimous vote. Congrats to Xavier.

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