Who Won Head of Household on Big Brother Last Night? 8/03/2017

On tonight’s Big Brother 19 Live Eviction, Jessica Graf decided to use her Halting Hex power. This halted this week’s eviction. Jessica and her boyfriend, Cody Nickson, were saved from leaving the Big Brother 19 game. This means going into week 6, there are still 12 players left.

Big Brother 19 Julie Chen Head of Household

In order for Jessica and Cody to make it to the top 11 players, and the jury house, they need a Big Brother miracle. That miracle could happen in three possible ways. The first way is if one of them wins this week’s Head of Household competition. That seems hard with it being more of a luck, a little skilled based one.

Yesterday, the Big Brother 19 players got to play a practice run of this week’s Head of Household competition. It was a golf-based one, which may be similar to the one played on Big Brother Over the Top or Big Brother 13. Cody and Jessica need this win most of all.

Going into this week, they are even more of a target than they were last week. Winning Head of Household keeps them both safe. If they lose, they’re both going on the block, unless…the second opportunity for Jessica and Cody to stay safe comes via the Temptation Competition.

If one of them wins it, the other needs to come in last place on purpose to go on the block automatically. This gives them their third shot at safety: the Power of Veto competition. Jessica and Cody have all the chances in the world this week to keep themselves safe.

So did they win their first and best chance to stay safe this Big Brother 19 week? Or will someone else win power and target them?



In the end, the houseguests had to try to shoot their golf ball into a certain number. It ended up being

Jessica got 2 points

Alex got 2

Matt got 6

Kevin got 6

Raven got 13

Elena got 13

Mark got 15

Jason got 15

Cody got 21

Christms got 21

Josh got 23

Big Brother 19 Josh Martinez

Josh Martinez is the new Big Brother 19 Head of Household!!!
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