Big Brother 13 Houseguest Profile: Dominic Briones

Today we bring you the ‘cute boy’ of Big Brother 13, Dominic Briones — also known in various places on the net and on his personal website as Dominic Phillip. This fresh-faced 25-year-old looks so adorable you just want to pinch his cheeks and bake him cookies. Originally from San Mateo, CA, Dominic currently lists himself as a college student at San Francisco State.

Dominic calls himself a “speed freak” and loves riding motorcycles and mountain bikes. We aren’t sure what he is riding now, but at some point in 2007 he seems to have sold a Ducati Monster and bought a “harley” according to a post on Yahoo’s Auto Groups. In the post, he also calls himself “duckyboy” in reference to his love of Ducati motorcycles. This is a handle he seems to have used pretty frequently in his online postings, most of which seem to involve motorcycles.

Dominic Briones aka DuckyBoy apparently wanted at some point to start a motorcycle towing business and even bought some start up equipment, according to a post on, after some towing company scratched up his bike. We assume that didn’t work out for him in the end, since he’s turned to Big Brother to make his fame and fortune, instead of the Small Business Association. Still, we admire his spunk in at least trying to launch his own business. Before deciding to make his way in the world based on his looks, rather than his brains, that is. (Okay, that was a cheap shot, I admit it.)

Although his profession is listed on his CBS profile as ‘student’, Dominic is also now apparently an aspiring model/actor. Actually, from his website resume, it looks like his college career is mostly about studying to be an actor. Isn’t that just like a Big Brother houseguest? In his bio at, Dominic describes himself as a “lean muscle” man of “mixed” Filipino-Italian ethnicity. Dominic is also listed with a pretty sexy pic on under City Model Management, Inc.

You can check out Dominic’s acting chops in an odd little ‘screen test’ video for some sort of indie short film casting. Not sure what the heck this was about, but Dominic looks cute in it, even if he doesn’t come across as the world’s best thespian.

If you want to take in some nice shirtless footage of Dominic, you can check him out in this rather cool 2010 video from Focus Group West composed of over 3,000 images.

Oh and it does look like Dominic has landed at least one decently high profile commercial gig in this video for HP.

For one last rather hysterical video, you can head over to Dominic’s official YouTube channel for his interpretive dance of “We no speak americano”. Yes, there is butt wiggling involved.

Dominic has updated his Twitter page to say his friends will be updating the account while he is on Big Brother 13. You can also find his Facebook fan page here  and his official website at Prior to his friends taking over his Twitter, Dominic wanted people to know he likes to flip off “every mini cooper”, that he feels the “Giants suck” and “a man who sleeps with itchy butt, wakes up with stinky finger.”

Um, okay.

Dominic’s strategy for winning Big Brother 13, he says, is to “build trust, build alliances and make friends” but also to fly under the radar in the beginning if he can. I am guessing he also expects to do well in challenges due to his highly athletic background. Plus, if they have any challenges involving a Ukulele, he apparently has the edge, as he lists playing one among his “skills”.

On his website, Dominic says he “always wanted to be a doctor, and planned on attending medical school after undergrad.” We just want to know if he plans on playing doctor with any of the other Big Brother 13 houseguests!

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