Big Brother 20 Premiere Night 2 Recap: A New Head of Household Crowned

Yesterday, Big Brother 20 introduced us to the sixteen players trying to win $500,000: we met a lifeguard, surfer superfan, a professional babysitter superfan, and a typical virgin king superfan that has never even been kissed. Tonight we get to see more of these Big Brother players’ social skills. On the first Big Brother 2018 premiere night, the houseguests competed in three competitions, only one that showed some real skills–the other two were basically luck.

Big Brother 20 Premiere Night-2 Episode Recap

Chris “Swaggy C” Williams went head-to-head against Angela Rummans for the first major power of the season. He won the power. Prior to the competition, Rachel Swindler suggested that Angela keep the eight that she played with (which was selected by random draw) safe. Once Swaggy C won the second part, he proposed that they strike a deal and keep each other safe. Angela declines.

The only reason that she declines is because of the eight person deal. Despite Angela declining his offer, Swaggy still tells her that he’ll keep her safe this week.

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However, Big Brother throws a wrench in his plan. He doesn’t get to pick individuals to save, he has to save groups based on how they entered the house. He debates it, but ultimately picks not to save Angela’s team.  Soon thereafter Chris overheard Angela calling him an idiot to other member’s of her move-in team.  Let the drama begin!

This puts eight people in danger this week. They are Sam (now a robot) Bledsoe, Angela, Steve Arienta, Tyler Crispen, Bayleigh Dayton, Kaitlyn Herman,  Winston Hines, and JC Mounduix.

Early Gaming

Now that the introductions are done, the houseguests start to get to know one other better. For some, that’s a great thing, and for others, that means an early target. Not much time goes by before some of the houseguests begin talking alliances including Swaggy, Rockstar, Kaitlyn, and others after an impromptu meditation class.

Week 1 Head of Household Competition Competition

Tyler, Angela, Steve, Bayleigh, and Kaitlyn all go head-to-head,  against JC, Winston, and Sam for the Head of Household title. Who will win and be safe this week?

The HOH competition is called “Microchip Mayhem.” The 8 participating houseguests must race across a balance beam, grab a deletion dot (aka ball) and place it in another player’s tube. Once a player has 10 deletion dots, they are eliminated from the game.  The last player standing wins the first HOH competition of the summer.

Early on in the competition, Steve is the target as most of the houseguests are placing their deletion dots in Steve’s tube. Winston and Angela begin to target Sam for elimination. As a result, Sam is the first player deleted from the competition. Steve is not far behind Sam with being eliminated.

Kaitlyn was the next player eliminated from the group. Winston falls next thanks to efforts by JC. Angela was next with Tyler, Bayleigh, and JC left in the competition.  Bayleigh and Tyler are the last two standing in the first HOH competition. Tyler manages to delete Bayleigh winning HOH. How will Tyler manage his duties as the Big Brother 20’s first houseguest in power?

Tyler Crispen HOH Big Brother 20

Week 1 Nomination Ceremony

The group starts talking about what a physical threat Angela is in the game and needs to be evicted. Meanwhile, Sam breaks down emotionally because she feels like she is being shunned. Those houseguests in danger of being evicted this week start playing the game in fear of being the chosen eviction this week with Winston leading the way.

Sam continues with her emotional breakdown with feelings of being shunned by the group. She makes an emotional plea to Tyler to save her game, while in her robot punishment from losing the first competition of the summer.  Tyler also gets emotional, but will it be enough to save Sam’s game?

Swaggy and his minions pitched Tyler to put up Winston and Angela for eviction. They were obviously playing together during the HOH competition and pose as a threat in the game. Tyler needs to draw a line in the sand as either someone who came to play Big Brother or someone who came take the easy way out.

Big Brother 20 Eviction Nominees

Tyler’s nominations are Sam and Steve. Tyler explained to the houseguests that this was the only fair decision this early in the game. He decided to pick the two houseguests that were eliminated from the competition first. Now the only way to save their game is to win the coveted Power of Veto.

Who will win the POV and save themselves this week? Or will the nominations remain the same?  Tune in Sunday night for the POV competition.

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