Big Brother 20 Premiere Night 1 Recap: The Houseguests Move-In

Let summer officially begin with the Big Brother 20 premiere. Tonight, for the Big Brother 2018 two-hour premiere, we’ll watch 16 new houseguests move-in, and then try to navigate their way through first day alliances, flirtmances, and awkward introductions. Before Julie Chen can get out her first “expect the unexpected,” the Big Brother 20 houseguests will be thrown into a social experience like no other.

Big Brother 20 Premiere Night-1 Episode Recap

As the 20th season, CBS wants to honor and pay tribute to the 19 that came before it. We expected to see some familiar faces in the audience ,and we weren’t let down.  Last year’s runner-up Paul Abrahamian is in the audience as well as the Nolan twins and Mr. Pectactular.  Big Brother 19 winner is also in the audience tonight, Josh Martinez.  We also expect to see a competition or two from the past–with a possible former Big Brother houseguest hosting it. So settle in as we get ready for one wild premiere night ride.

Prior to the Big Brother 20 premiere, Julie teased that before the Head of Household competition, the houseguests would have to play three competitions. These would result in rewards and punishments. So, let’s dive into the Big Brother 20 premiere episode and see what she meant.

Meet the Houseguests:

Big Brother 20 Premiere Night-1 Episode Recap

Tonight, we’ll meet a former beauty queen, a vegas showgirl, a swaggy superfan, and a former cop. These are just a few of the standout characters trying to win the Big Brother 20 crown. Let’s officially meet the crazy characters of this season.

The first 4 houseguests allowed to enter are Tyler Crispen, Samantha  Bledsoe, Bayleigh Dayton, and Winston Hines, followed closely by Steve Arienta, Angela Lantry, JC Moundiux, and Kaitlyn Herman.  After more introductions, Haleigh Broucher, Scottie Salton, Faysal Shaafat, and KayCee Clark enter the Big Brother 20 house.  The final four houseguests finally enter, and they are none other than Rachel Swindler, Chris Williams, Brett Robinson, and last but not least, Angela “Rockstar” Lantry.

Once all of the Big Brother 20 houseguests are inside the new and improved house, the houseguests take the first opportunity to select bedrooms. Once that annual formality is over, they all meet in the living room to share a little bit of information about themselves.  To read up about all of the houseguests, click here.

Competition #1:

Three competitions take place to give some people more of an advantage to win the long Big Brother 20 game.

The first competition divided the houseguests into two teams with four males and four females on each team. The first team entered a dark room where they needed to find folders.

The folders either said “Escape” or “Escape or Play.” If they got an Escape folder, they could either go back and try to get the play folder or go back to the house. If they got an “Escape or Play,” the could compete to get their entire team safety, and get a game changing power. The last one to find a folder could a punishment.

Angela got the golden ticket, while Kaycee was last to find a folder.

Big Brother 20 Promo

Competition #2:

The next competition is called Cyber Security Zone and the Big Brother computer has crashed.  Under suspicion of being a robot, the final 8 Big Brother houseguests must compete against one another to complete a puzzle by spelling “Houseguest”. Chris Williams was the first to complete the puzzle and won this round of competition.  He will compete against Angela to win the first competition for an advantage in the game.  Sam Bledsoe was the last player to finish and awaits her punishment along with Kaycee.

Competition #3

The Big Brother Super Computer is back online, and this competition is called Surfing the Big Brother Web.  The last and final competition is simple.  Be the last houseguest standing and win the opportunity to save 8 houseguests from elimination during the first week of the game.  Chris and Angela go head-to-head on surfboard type contraptions with different objects flying at them to knock them off their boards.

Before the competition began, Chris and Angela had a conversation in the pantry about who to save and who not to save.  Angela informed Chris that she was going to save the 8 houseguests she initially came into the Big Brother house with previously.  Chris realized he was not included in that group of Angela’s and is bound and determined to win this competition.

Doors, targets, and other props try to knock Angela and Chris off their boards while the boards are moving all around also.  After a valiant effort by both houseguests, Chris won the first Big Brother competition.  He now has the power to reprogram the game.  He must now choose 2 of the 4 move-in groups to keep safe from eviction.  The other 8 houseguests will be up for eviction this week.

Swaggy C win first Big Brother Competition

Chris will pick his own move-in group which will mean that Rachel, Angie, and Brett will automatically be safe.  He can pick one other move-in group of 4 to select for safety this week.  Kaycee returns to the house with a rainbow unitard with the pinwheel of doom punishment.  Sam has been turned into a robot, voice and all.  She can see and hear everything from her robot contraption that is now inside the house in her place.

Kaycee and Sam have received very different punishments.  Kaycee’s punishment is that she must stay in the room when her pinwheel starts moving until it stops.  Obviously, this can greatly impact her social game.  When Sam hears “robot online” she must enter the house as a robot, but when she hears “robot offline”, she can enter the house as herself.  Both of these punishments last until the first live eviction.

First Big Brother 20 Punishments

Chris Swaggy C will now chose which 8 houseguests to keep safe for the week.  He chooses himself, Rachel, Brett, and Rockstar, group #4.  The other group he chose is group #3 which is the other 4 people he walked into the house with in the beginning.  Those additional 4 safe houseguests are Scottie, Kaycee, Hayleigh, and Fayshal.

Julie announced this season’s big twist called the BB App Store.  Fans will be able to visit to see how to get their favorite houseguest trending.  The winner with the most votes will pick a special power from the BB App Store for the week, and only the winner will know who won or was trending.  The houseguest that receives the least votes will receive a punishment.

That’s it for now. Join us again tomorrow night at 8:00 PM CST for the second night of the Big Brother 20 premiere week.

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