The Big Brother winner for season 18 is finally revealed in our recap of Wednesday night’s special 90-minute finale. We’ve been anxiously awaiting this moment for months, and now it’s time to find out who the Big Brother 18 winner will be, and if lone newbie player Paul Abrahamian can possibly win it all against veteran players Nicole Franzel and James Huling!

Big Brother 18's Paul Abrahamian, James Huling, and Nicole Franzel (CBS)

Big Brother 18’s Paul Abrahamian, James Huling, and Nicole Franzel (CBS)

Only two of the three remaining houseguests will survive the final phase of the last Head of Household Competition of the season tonight. Whoever wins round three of the final HoH will get to pick which of the other two players will go in front of the Jury with them for the last live vote of Big Brother 18. Whichever one of those two houseguests the Jury members think played the game best — or possibly that they just hate the least if it’s a bitter Jury — will end up winning a half million dollars.

From the last Big Brother spoilers we saw from the Live Feeds, it looked like Nicole was strongly considering bailing on her Final Two deal with Paul if she wins the final round of the last HoH. He, in turn, has threatened her that if she betrays him, she won’t earn his vote if he ends up in the Jury. We’ll just have to wait and see who wins that final HoH round, and if it’s Nicole, which of her Final Two deals she’ll actually stay committed to, the one she has with Paul, or the one she has with James!

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And here we go…Paul, James and Nicole all stand alone hoping to win Big Brother after all of their counterparts have been evicted.  We pick up in the endurance ‘Kitty’ competition which is round one of the HOH competition.  After approximately 30 minutes have elapsed, all three HGs are still going strong.

Over an hour has elapsed now and still all three HGs are hanging on for dear life.  Less than 30 minutes or so later, Nicole starts to have some issues hanging onto the bell rope and starts swinging back and forth.  She hangs on like that for just a few swings and then falls to the ground.  Almost immediately, James falls right behind Nicole meaning that PAUL HAS WON THE FIRST ROUND OF THE FINAL HOH COMPETITION.  Now, Nicole and James must face off against each other to determine who will compete against Paul in the final round of the HOH competition.


The second round competition is called Snapshot.  This competition uses physical abilities as well as mental.  The HGs must remember certain facts about the evicted HGs and put their pictures in a roller coaster cart after struggling through a long line.  Once the correct photos of the HGs are in the cart, then they must take a picture at the exact moment to ensure the picture captured all of the cart.  Nicole is going first and is currently struggling with all the running she is having to do through the roller coaster line.  James seems to be struggling as well but not with the physical aspect of the comp but with the mental aspect.

James time was 19 minutes and 6 seconds.  Nicole’s time was 7 minutes and 24 seconds.  Nicole absolutely crushed James.  Now, Nicole and Paul will compete against one another in the final round of the HOH competition.


The jury meets with Dr. Will Kirby, a former Big Brother winner and jury member, to discuss the season, the merits of the three HGs remaining, and to see who is the 8th member of the jury.  Corey walks through the door, and Paulie has a “mangasm”.  Corey explains that Paul won the last HOH and put Corey up for eviction.  He shared how James was the only HG to vote and voted to evict Corey from the game.


James is the first HG to be discussed.  Natalie, of course, shares his glory.  The HG agree he did not get much blood on his hands and played a very safe game.  The did all agree he played a great social game, but he needed to take more risks.  The end of the game he only consumed himself with Natalie.

All of the women in the jury agree that Paul is the best liar in the house and can lie like no other.  Zakiyah praises Paul by saying he is crazy manipulative, a great strategist, played a great social game as well as being great with the comps.  The jury agrees that Paul is a very well-rounded player.

Day states that there is a conflict between Paul the player and Paul the person.  Paul the player is wonderful and can play the game well.  Paul the person rubbed people the wrong way quite a bit.  Some of the names the girls were calling Paul in real life were evil, dick, mean, obnoxious…you get the gist.  The jury agrees that even though Paul owns that part of himself, that does not absolve him from acting in that manner.

Nicole is the next topic for discussion.  Corey is certainly singing her praises as well as Paulie.  Michelle is no fan of Nicole’s but that is no surprise.  Michelle is almost about to cry….again while talking about Nicole.  And here come the tears.  It wouldn’t be a BB18 show without Big Meech crying about something.  The jury agrees that Nicole aligned herself up with the men in the house which was exactly what she needed to do to get to the final three.



Julie Chen has announced an existing twist for Big Brother: Over the Top starting next week.  Viewers can vote for which former Big Brother HG they want to send into the new game.  The choices are Jozea Flores from Big Brother 18 and Big Brother super fan Jason Roy from Big Brother 17.  Voting is open now at

The final round of the HOH competition has begin and is called “Scales of Just Us” and to win you must prove how well you know the members of the jury.  The score is currently 1-1 and the questions continue to Nicole and Paul.  Paul is up now by a score of 3-1 over Nicole.  Nicole gains a point on Paul but the last question is next.  PAUL HAS WON THE FINAL HOH!  Now he must decide who he wants to evict and who he wants to take to the final two with him.



Paul is emotional after his victory as the final HOH.  Julie is now asking him who he wants to take to the final two with him.  Paul decides to take Nicole with him to the final two.  Julie asks James if he thinks that taking Nicole over him is the right choice for his game?  James really is not sure what is best for Paul’s game.  Julie calls him out on not being very active in winning comps this summer.  James said his strategy was to let his social game take him to the end, which took him to the final three.  James admits that he is all about Natalie and hopes she will reciprocate his feelings outside of the Big Brother house.

FYI:  Pablo the Pelican has been located and he is safely with Paul’s family in the Big Brother studio audience.

James joins the remaining HGs as the 9th and final member of the jury.  The jury members are now questioning Nicole and Paul so that they can determine who they want to vote for to win Big Brother 18.  Both Nicole and Paul are standing their own with the “grilling” they are receiving from their former HGs and jury members.  They are both arguing their case as to why they deserve to win the $500,000 over the other HG on the Block.


Paul is first up to give his final plea to the jury as to why he should win Big Brother 18, and boy does he give a great case as to why he should win the game.  Nicole is up next and is clearly much more nervous than Paul giving her speech.  Each HG will now vote one at a time for the winner of Big Brother.

James votes for Paul

Corey votes for Nicole

Victor votes for Paul

Natalie votes for Nicole

Michelle votes for Paul

Paulie votes for Nicole

Bridgette votes for Paul

Zakiyah votes for Nicole

Da’Vonne votes for Nicole

The winner of Big Brother 18 is Nicole Franzel, and she has just won a half of a million dollars.

A woman has finally won the Big Brother game in the finals against a male competitor.  This is a first in Big Brother history.

Victor Arroyo has won America’s Favorite Houseguest and has won $25,000.



Don’t forget to check back in with us next week for updates on the new season of Big Brother: Over the Top premiering next Wednesday evening on CBS All Acess at 10 PM ET.  This has been my distinct pleasure writing for all of my fellow Big Brother fans this season, and I look forward to providing more BB info for the new season starting next week.  Until then…

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