Big Brother 20 Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 9 Highlights: First Night of Live Feeds Reveals the BB App Loser

The first day of Big Brother Live Feeds kicked off last night with the introduction of a divided Big Brother 20 house. We witnessed some of this during yesterday’s second night premiere: It’s Chris “Swaggy C” Williams side against Winston Hines’ crew. The Big Brother house division has already become a major storyline of this season, but any little shift could change the separations.

Big Brother 20 Day 9-Live Feeds Highlights

On Thursday’s episode, we saw Winston form a new version of the typical bros and babes alliance, which included himself, Brett Robinson, Angela Rummans, and Rachel Swindler. He then added Tyler Crispen to the gang. Meanwhile, Chris started to form the new version of the misfits crew. His group included Angie “Rockstar” Lantry, Kaitlyn Hermans, Faysal Shafaat, and Haleigh Broucher.

When the feeds finally started, we saw where the remaining players fell. Bayleigh Dayton was part of the misfits group, and has formed a secret showmance with Swaggy C (not so brother-sister anymore). Kaycee Clark joined the bros and babes alliance, and JC Mounduix also joined this group. He wants to get Steve Arienta out over Sam Bledsoe, because he believes that Steve is with Swaggy C’s team, and he wants the numbers on his side.

Scottie Salton, Steve, and Tyler seemed to be floating, and pretending to be in both alliances. In the first two hours, it was unclear which alliance those three really were with. Tyler told JC he was definitely with his side, but we’ll have to wait to see if it’s true because he seemed to hang out more with Swaggy’s side.

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The only player clearly on the outs of both alliances is Sam.

Big Brother 20 Live Feeds Day 1-Highlight Recap

Things aren’t looking good for Sam, as her being a robot has made her someone easy to vote out. Steve, with his 1990s “cool” slang, has managed to get in with both group. JC wants him out, but we’re not sure if the rest of the bros and bikini alliance agree. Tyler wants to stick with the safe nominations. However, Kaitlyn and Haleigh (a new power duo) both discussed trying to change his mind if they win Veto.

Chris and Faysal also decided that they want to try to get Winston out this week. Big Brother already has the Big Brother App store punishment and reward distributed to the houseguests.

Faysal received the first Big Brother App store punishment (he got it for not trending enough). He picked which punishment he wanted, and Faysal picked Hamazon. Basically, the punishment consists of him getting a delivery box that contains different forms of ham that Faysal must consume.

Big Brother 20 Live Feeds Day 1-Highlight Recap

Who won the Big Brother App reward remained a mystery during most of the night. It sent both sides into panic mode, especially their leaders Winston and Chris. The divide among the houseguests is pretty obvious to everyone. They know who is on their team, and who is against their team. Scottie seems to be playing the middle to perfection.

Right now, most of the Big Brother 20 players have a you’re either with us or against us mentality.

The Have-Nots were chosen three or four days ago. The Have-Nots seem to have volunteered to be it, and they are Scottie, Winston, Brett, and Kaitlyn. There is a lot of flirting going around, but the only official showmance is Bayleigh and Chris.

Big Brother 20 Day 9-Live Feeds Highlights-2

They agreed to hide their romance, but Swaggy C and Bayleigh have made-out quite a few times when they were alone–not sure these two can keep their hands off each other long enough to keep the secret. There is definitely other possible showmances brewing. Haleigh seems to have her pick between Brett, Tyler, and Faysal, but she says she doesn’t want a showmance.

Rachel flirts with Brett and Winston, but it doesn’t seem clear which way she’s leaning. We also got a lot of random moments, like a fashion show, shout outs, and a game of “Would You Rather?”

The houseguests revealed that today they will play the Power of Veto competition. A lot of Swaggy C’s side wants to win it, to try to force Tyler to make a power move. They really want Winston or Angela out, especially Winston. Unfortunately, we don’t see Tyler making a big move, and he may stick to his word and put Bayleigh up if the veto gets used.

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We’ll update you later today with the Power of Veto results.

Big Brother 20 is off to a great start. Join us again tomorrow morning for another Big Brother 20 Live Feeds Highlights Recap.

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