Big Brother 24 Episode 28 Recap: Double Eviction Fallout Continues

The Big Brother 24 fandom was shocked when Michael Bruner and Terrance Higgins were evicted in the live double eviction episode last week. Michael was on his way to $750,000 with 3 Head of Household competition wins and 6 Power of Veto competitions victories that broke Big Brother records.

BB24 Final 5

Monte Taylor won the critical Power of Veto competition in the second eviction that gave him the power to allow HOH Matt Turner to back door Michael and put him on the block for eviction. Michael’s pleas to stay fell on deaf ears, and the houseguests knew their only shot at the prize was to evict Michael. Who will step up tonight and take the lead in the Big Brother 24 house?

Big Brother 24 Double Eviction Night Aftermath

Michael threw a hail mary pass to save his game by throwing Brittany Hoopes under the bus. Michael told the Big Brother 24 houseguests that Brittany had leaked so much private game information to the house and sold her out in an attempt to save his game.

The result of those actions was a devastated Brittany at her BFF’s betrayal at the end. The house tried to console Brittany by explaining that Michael only made those claims to campaign to stay in the Big Brother 24 house. She argued that Michael went too far and really hurt her.

BB24 Brittany

After Turner won the live HOH competition, he planned to evict Brittany. He was tired of her giving out information in the house. All of those plans changed when Monte won the POV competition. Once Monte had that power to veto a nomination, he convinced Turner there was no choice but to backdoor Michael if they didn’t want always to be second place in the Big Brother 24 game.

Week 10 Head of Household Competition

This week’s HOH competition was played one houseguest at a time and is based on a murder-mystery theme. At the onset, each houseguest received a phone call that instructed them to escape the house and save their lives from the escaped killer Clement O’Brady.

To begin, the players must barricade all 6 doors, and 5 of those doors are hidden inside the killer’s liar. Brittany is the first up, and the power goes out as soon as she begins putting her in complete darkness for the competition.

BB24 Brittany

She must feel her way around the house, searching for the hidden doors. Once the doors are located, one at a time, she must find the board that will be used to barricade the door. Again, this must be done in complete darkness. To make matters even worse, scary sounds and noises fill the house as she tries to escape the killer. This competition is not for the faint of heart.

Once all of the doors are barricaded, Brittany must find the alarm. She must disarm the alarm to leave the house and finally escape the killer. The houseguest that escaped the Big Brother 24 murder house in the fastest time wins the next critical HOH competition.

The final times for each player were as follows:

Taylor timed out at 60 minutes because she could not finish the competition.
Alyssa Snider 22:24
Monte 15:15
Brittany 15:24

Monte won the HOH competition, but he won by just 9 seconds over Brittany. That was a very close competition.

Week 10 Block Nomination Ceremony

At the Block Nomination ceremony, Monte nominated Brittany and Alyssa to the block this week for eviction. Monte plans to target Brittany for eviction this week, but the other houseguests have a different plan. Both Brittany and Taylor want to win the POV and force Monte into replacing a block nominee with Turner. They both desperately want him to be the next houseguest evicted from the Big Brother 24 house.

BB24 Monte

Join us again on Wednesday, September 14, at 8 PM EST for the Power of Veto competition.

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