Big Brother 24 Spoilers: Week 11 Block Nominations (09/16/22)

Last night, Big Brother 24 headed to the final four with Brittany Hoopes, Matt Turner, Monte Taylor, and Taylor Hale. With Alyssa Snider out of the game, it’ll be interesting to see if the pre-existing final twos stay true to one another.

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However, deals only matter so much during this Big Brother 24 week when the Power of Veto Competition is key. Taylor already knows that she makes finale night as the current Head of Household. She has the power to nominate two players, but her nominations mean nothing.

It’s all about the Veto. However, Big Brother needs its ceremonies, so Taylor still made her nominations. Big Brother decided to speed things up a bit this week by having nominations done on Thursday night (PST time) instead of the usual Friday afternoon nominations.

Brittany and Turner both claimed that they didn’t vote out Taylor. Viewers know that Brittany was the one to vote against Taylor. However, Taylor isn’t completely sure who to trust but she has her suspicions. Therefore, her nominations seem easy this week by just putting up both Turner and Brittany. She’s also grown a lot closer to Monte over the last couple of days, so it makes sense for her to not nominate him to increase her odds of him taking her to the finale.



Taylor nominates Turner and Brittany.

These nominations don’t matter. Now we wait to see who wins the Veto, and who they plan to vote out. If Brittany wins Veto, she’s more likely to vote out Monte after their awkward game conversation. However, Turner could still be in consideration, but Taylor may have to do some work to convince Brittany to take out Turner over Monte.

Monte will almost surely vote out Brittany if he wins Veto, and Turner will do the same. Taylor has no vote but if she wins Veto, she can determine who gets the final vote this week. There is still some intrigue left this week as we edge closer and closer to the finale.

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