Big Brother 20 Week 4 Live Eviction Recap (07/26/18)

So, Fessy (Fayshal Shafaat) has himself in quite the Big Brother messy!  When both of his closest allies in the house ended up on the block together thanks to HOH Sam Bledsoe, Fessy thought it would be a great idea to win the Power of Veto.  That put him in a very awkward position to decide which BFF to save, Kaitlyn Herman or Haleigh Broucher, but in the end, his heart took over and saved the girl that is playing hard to get with his emotions.

Big Brother 20 Eviction

Once Fessy used the POV to save Haleigh from the block and eviction this week, Sam nominated Angie “Rockstar” Lantry to the block and dropped a major bombshell on the houseguests.  Sam revealed the Bonus Life Power App she won during the first week inside the Big Brother house, and she explained, in short detail, that the evicted houseguest would get the “chance” to reenter the house.  Now the houseguests must decide which player to evict this week, Kaitlyn or Rockstar while considering the evicted player may walk right back into the Big Brother house.

Last Minute Game Decisions

Which nominated houseguest can sway the house to keep them this week?  Will Kaitlyn’s vote flipping shenanigans finally catch up with her tonight?  Will the house convince another houseguest they are safe from eviction this week to bring us to 4 straight blindsides?  Let’s find out during tonight’s live eviction episode.

Kaitlyn breaks down immediately following the POV ceremony.  She can’t understand why Fessy lied to her about saving her from the block.  She confides to him that he has broken her heart.  Fessy just takes it like a man and tells her she still has a chance to stay in the Big Brother house.

Haleigh gives thanks to Fessy privately in the storage room.  He reminds her that he always told her that he would have her back.  They embrace, Fessy is enamored with Haleigh and is clearly letting it effect his Big Brother game.  Meanwhile, Tyler Crispen is consoling Kaitlyn and reminding her even if she’s evicted she can win her way back into the house and get revenge on Fessy.

Now the Big Brother house must decide which houseguest to keep, Kaitlyn or Rockstar.  Level 5 plus JC was set on evicting Rockstar as Tyler is confident he can still control Kaitlyn.  However, JC wants to evict Kaitlyn and doesn’t seem like he is willing to budge on his decision.  Tyler is concerned that his side of the house will not have a cohesive vote this week.

Kaitlyn harps on Fessy again about his decision to save Haleigh when he promised to save her from the block.  Through all the tears again, she plays the guilt trip card with him.  The house is going back and forth on who to evict this week.  The vote should be quite interesting!

Week 4 Eviction Votes

Angela Rummans Votes to Evict Kaitlyn
Bayleigh Dayton Votes to Evict Kaitlyn
Brett Robinson Votes to Evict Kaitlyn
Faysal Shafaat Votes to Evict Kaitlyn
Haleigh Broucher Votes to Evict Kaitlyn
JC Moundiux Votes to Evict Rockstar
Kaycee Clark Votes to Evict Kaitlyn
Rachel Swindler Votes to Evict Kaitlyn
Scottie Salton Votes to Evict Kaitlyn
Tyler Crispen Votes to Evict Kaitlyn

By a vote of 9-1, Kaitlyn was evicted from the Big Brother house; however, the Bonus Life is in play and can return to the house.  A live challenge will begin immediately.  If she wins, she stays.  If she loses, she goes home before jury.

Bonus Life Power App

Now that Kaitlyn has been evicted from the Big Brother house, will she be able to win her way back into the house with Sam’s Bonus Life?  We will find out live in just a few minutes.

Big Brother 20 Kaitlyn Herman

For Kaitlyn to win her way back into the Big Brother house, she must move a life-size puzzle of herself within 2 mins and 30 seconds.  The clock begins…with a nail biter of a contest.  Kaitlyn almost had the puzzle put together but was just a move away from completion when time ran out.  Kaitlyn is officially evicted from the Big Brother house.

During her exit interview with Julie Chen, Kaitlyn was astonished to hear that JC was the only one in the house that voted to keep her in the house.  Due to time constraints, this was all the time the show had for us tonight.

Big Brother 20 Kaitlyn Herman

Join us again next Sunday at 8:00pm CST/9:00pm EST to see who won the Head of Household competition for the 5th week of Big Brother 20.

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