Big Brother 20 Week 4 Eviction Prediction: Will the Power App Save a Player?

All week, the Big Brother 20 houseguests debated all week about who to evict. Mainly, we had JC Mounduix and Tyler Crispen trying to put their games before the rest of their alliance. Tyler wanted to vote to keep Kaitlyn Herman because he knew he had more control over her than any other houseguest, Angie “Rockstar” Lantry wanted him out the game, and if Kaitlyn came back, he didn’t want to be on her bad side.

Big Brother 20-Angie "Rockstar" Lantry and Kaitlyn Herman

JC wanted Kaitlyn out because he saw how easily she manipulated Tyler, Faysal Shafaat, and Brett Robinson. She also wanted to target JC (at least that’s what he thought) and she was an unpredictable, crazy player. At first, Tyler was winning this war. Level 5 planned to vote to keep Kaitlyn, and vote out Rockstar. Then the tides turned.

Yesterday, Angela Rummans and Kaycee Clark started to think about their longterm game. Kaitlyn was good for them at the moment, but not longterm. They saw her as a player who would always put the guys ahead of them. Rockstar wanted Brett and Tyler out, and she  was all about the women’s alliance. Rockstar was also easier to predict. Playing with Kaitlyn was taking a major risk.

Throughout the day on Wednesday, and probably even more today, the houseguests flipped back and forth about who to evict. Late at night they settled on evicting Kaitlyn. We predict that the houseguests will evict her tonight. The biggest question is will it be a split or unanimous vote to evict. Additionally, will she win the competition to return to the game?

We think ultimately it won’t be a split vote, but it also won’t be unanimous. We predict one or two players will flip their votes at the last minute. We expect a 9 to 1, or 8 to 2 vote to evict Kaitlyn. Then going into the competition, Kaitlyn will win it. She then also might go full force to win the Head of Household.

Expect an exciting Big Brother night. Join us tonight at 8:00PM CST/9:00PM EST for a live recap of the 4th live eviction of Big Brother 20.

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