Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 25 Highlights- The Houseguests Prepare to Say Goodbye

Today is officially the last day in the Celebrity Big Brother house, which means yesterday was the last full day of feeds. The feeds were down for a majority of the day as the Celebrity Big Brother houseguests conducted various ceremonies and competitions.

Celebrity Big Brother Live Feeds Day 25

We’re in for a packed evening with essentially three evictions before we get to the final two. After yesterday’s events, we pretty much know who will finish in fifth place. After winning Head of Household, Ross Mathews once again went after his season long target: Omarosa.

After Ross won Power of Veto, he made it pretty clear that he wasn’t going to change nominations, and wanted Omarosa out the game. Mark McGrath tried a little to push for Ariadna Gutierrez’s eviction. He knew no one could beat her in the end.

Omarosa added to their paranoia by making people believe that the final competition would be physical. Omarosa also didn’t perform very well during the final Power of Veto competition, which made her seem like less of a threat.

Celebrity Big Brother Day 25 Live Feeds

Ross believed that Omarosa threw the POV just for that intention. Ross and Marissa Jaret Winokur rushed to tell Ari that Omarosa had been throwing her name under the bus. This made Ari confused how Omarosa could be nice to her one minute, and then betray her the next.

Omarosa’s chances of staying in the game went from slight possibility to no chance.

Earlier that day, Omarosa and Ari had a conversation about the finals. Omarosa encouraged Ari to not take Ross to the end because no one could beat him. Ari promised Ross (like basically all the final four) to take him to the end.

Omarosa stressed to Ari how bad of an idea that would be for her Celebrity Big Brother game.

Celebrity Big Brother Day 25 Live Feeds

That’s it for these Celebrity Big Brother Live Feeds updates. Join us again in the summer for more of them. And join us later tonight for all the major Celebrity Big Brother season finale action.

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