Big Brother Cast Members Tease All-Stars / Veterans Rumors?

While we are waiting impatiently for the first Big Brother 18 spoilers to start rolling out, it seems like some former Big Brother cast members may be spilling the beans about a potential All-Stars season in the works. Can they actually be trusted, however, or are they just spreading misleading gossip like other Big Brother alumni have done in the past?

Big Brother alum Evel Dick Donato (Twitter)
Big Brother alum Evel Dick Donato (Twitter)

Well, we know one infamous Big Brother character who is definitely just trying to mess with people about the whole All-Stars thing, and that’s Evel Dick Donato. He put out a tweet earlier this month claiming that he had been invited to participate in All-Stars for the next season, but it turned out he was just playing with people in an April Fool’s joke.

What about Big Brother winner Andy Herren talking about season 18 not being an All-Stars season, but rather another mix of veterans and newbies like season 13?

Some fans responded to this tweet saying they think Andy spilled real Big Brother spoilers in this tweet because he’s bitter he wasn’t among those invited back. However, we have very strong doubts about Andy’s tweet actually revealing any true information. This is not the first time he’s made such comments and they turned out to be entirely untrue.

On the other hand, Austin Matelson from BB17 is also apparently spreading the same rumor of another mixed veteran/newbie season. So if this did end up being true, it would mean no All-Stars season for 2016 and doubtfully for 2017 either.

We think at this point it is far more likely that a true All-Stars season might happen for Big Brother 20, if the show lasts that long. Especially since if CBS does think of cancelling the series anytime soon, an All-Stars 20th anniversary season would be a hell of a way to go out.

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