Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Friday Live Feeds Report – 8/1/2014

Watching the Big Brother spoilers on the Live Feeds last night, it was obvious that a major power shift is taking place in the house. With a Double Eviction looming on the horizon next week, no one in the house is safe. Power players that used to think they were in control are now faced with the scary thought that they might just be the next ones to be evicted.

Big Brother Live Feeds (CBS)
Big Brother Live Feeds (CBS)

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother 16 spoilers on alliances, strategy, competition results and more from the Live Feeds that have not yet aired on the CBS show. Please proceed at your own Big Brother 2014 spoilers risk!

When we left off our Big Brother Live Feeds report for Thursday night, new Heads of Household Nicole and Donny were deep in talks with their allies over who they should put up for nomination. The general consensus seemed to be that Nicole would be nominating Jocasta and Zach, while Donny would put up Victoria and Caleb.

12:15 PM – Zach says this season is too boring and he is going to try to stir up the house this week.

12:45 AM – Derrick, Hayden, and Cody talk about getting their four person alliance solid going forward in the game.

1:20 AM – Caleb tells Christine that Donny might put up him or Cody. Christine says that would be stupid. Caleb says Donny told him that if Nicole puts up two weak people, he might have to. He says she needs to get Nicole to put up Jocasta and Zach. Christine says she hasn’t talked to Nicole but she hopes that is what she will do. Caleb says if she does, then Donny can put him or Cody up with Victoria and they have a good chance to win Battle of the Block.

1:30 AM – Nicole says she thinks she has to put up Jocasta and Zach. Derrick says he thinks Donny wuold put up Caleb with Victoria. Derrick tells her she needs to put up Zach because he humiliated her on television. Nicole says Donny won’t put Cody up. She says she used to trust Christine but with her being buddies with Frankie she can’t trust her so much now. She says if Zach won Power of Veto, she might put up Frankie but she would never backdoor Donny. Derrick hopes she wouldn’t put him up either.

Caleb talks about harassing people who speak Arabic because it reminded him of being in Iraq.

1:40 AM – Derrick asks Nicole if she’ll join in with him, Hayden, and Cody for a four person alliance. She agrees.

2:10 AM – Victoria is worried about being nominated and possibly being teamed with Caleb. She doesn’t think he is very good at competitions. (And she is?)

2:25 AM – Frankie, Caleb, Cody, Nicole, Derrick, Hayden, and Zach talk in the bathroom. Zach jokes that Caleb will go after Amber on the outside of the house and he has her slippers and a bag of her makeup. They joke about who is hot and Frankie says Victoria gave him a boner and he would hook up with Amber if he was drunk.

Zach is now begging Nicole not to put him up tomorrow. (Even though earlier he practically told her to do it.) He says he is so, so sorry and he didn’t mean it when he called her a fruit-loop dingus. Nicole says she isn’t promising anything. He says he is so f**ked and he and Victoria better win tomorrow. He said he knew his crap would bite him in the a**, he just didn’t think it would be this soon.

2:45 AM – Nicole tells Christine she wants to punch Zach in the face. Christine thanks her for letting her sleep up in the HoH room. Nicole says she thinks everyone knows who she is going to put up. She feels bad about putting up Jocasta but she just doesn’t have anyone else except Christine and she wouldn’t do that.

3:05 AM – Derrick and Frankie talk about both probably being safe this week. They talk about Team America a bit and how it will be easier to do America’s missions without Donny in the house. Derrick says he feels like they were quitters this week. Derrick bemoans not getting the extra $5,000.

3:15 AM – Derrick now suddenly worries about what he said about Donny blowing the Team America challenge this week in Diary Room.

3:30 AM – Victoria whines over being put up on the block again this week. She says the Battle of the Block is such crap. Cody tells her the only person he thinks Donny is working with is Jocasta. Victoria says Donny didn’t want to put her and Jocasta up together. She says he doesn’t want strong players who might win and dethrone him as HoH so he won’t put Cody up.

9:00 AM – Houseguests are starting to be up and about. Nomination Ceremony should happen soon.

9:45 PM – Nicole practices her speech to Zach for the Nomination Ceremony when she puts him up on the block.

10:01 AM – Live Feeds cut out for the Nomination Ceremony.

11:40 AM – The Live Feeds are back. Donny has nominated Caleb and Victoria. Nicole has nominated Zach and Jocasta.

11:50 AM – Jocasta and Zach talk about how to work together effectively to win the Battle of the Block. Caleb and Victoria do the same. Caleb assures her, however, that she doesn’t need to worry because they will win. Because he is ‘Beast Mode’ and all that.

12:15 PM – Cody and Zach talk game based on what might happen with the Battle of the Block and Power of Veto Competition. Cody tells Zach he thinks Donny will put him up if Caleb wins the Veto. He promises Zach he won’t vote him out if he stays on the block.

12:35 PM – Zach says he is happy to be up on the block with Jocasta because he thinks Caleb and Victoria won’t be able to win Battle of the Block together. Meanwhile, Victoria is once again distraught over being nominated. She tells Derrick that she thinks she is the most at risk because if Caleb wins Veto, she thinks she will go home. Derrick tries to make her feel better.

2:05 PM – Live Feeds go dark for the Battle of the Block Competition.

3:10 PM – Live Fees come back up and Caleb and Victoria have won the Battle of the Block.

More coming soon in next Big Brother Live Feeds report!

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