Big Brother 24 Live Feeds: Nicole Reveals To Daniel Her Past As A Cop

Often, the Big Brother 24 house is a place where the houseguests immerse themselves into the game so much that the real world fades away. When it enters the game, the houseguests’ emotions can become even more heightened.  Over the weekend on the Big Brother 24 Live Feeds, Daniel Durston and Nicole Layog shared an emotional moment. A tragedy from Daniel’s personal life led to Nicole being more honest with her Rogue Rats partner.

Big Brother 24 Live Feeds-Daniel Durston and Nicole Layog Talk Her Past As A Cop

Daniel shared with his fellow houseguests some details about the murder of his brother. Daniel being so open, honest, and raw about his family tragedy made Nicole want to share her biggest game secret. This was to let him know that she understood the weight of what he’s been carrying.  Daniel and Nicole made an alliance and a final two deal within the first couple of days of Big Brother 24.

They’ve been loyal and honest with each other all season (thus far). However, prior to going into the Big Brother 24 house, Nicole didn’t plan to share that she was a cop for ten years before becoming a professional chef. She knew being a cop might make her a target.

Big Brother 24 Live Feeds-Daniel Durston and Nicole Layog Talk Her Past As A Cop-2

On July 17 around 12:45 BBT (Cam 1/Cam 2), she told Daniel that his story about his brother made her want to tell him about her past in law enforcement.  She shared the emotional turmoil that came with being a police officer. She shared that at one point she made detective and had over 100 unsolved cases at her desk. It was hard for her to have the burden of not being able to help so many people.

These families had to live with not knowing what happened or why it happened to people they loved. Daniel then shared a bit about how his family never got a resolution on his brother’s murder. He didn’t want to go into many details about it, but it’s clear (as to be expected with anyone who loses someone they love in such a violent way), that the wounds will never heal from the loss of his brother.

Big Brother 24 Live Feeds-Daniel Durston and Nicole Layog Talk Her Past As A Cop-3

Nicole shared how her ex-wife helped her leave behind the police force because she encouraged her to pursue her dreams of being a chef. Nicole said she’s so much happier now as a chef. Daniel and Nicole both got emotional a few times while discussing her past career and the death of his brother. They wanted to find a way to help more families of murder victims once the show ends.

It’s unclear if CBS will show this moment on any future episodes because it’s such a sensitive subject. However, Nicole telling Daniel her career is such a big game moment that I suspect some version of it will eventually air on Big Brother 24. The feeds only showed a few moments of their conversation but it was definitely an impactful moment for both of them.

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