SPOILER ALERT: Big Brother 12 Twist Revealed & First House Photo (UPDATED)

Can you handle it? The first SPOILER ALERT of Big Brother 12 is here… and it’s a JUICY one. The twist for the new season was revealed in a commercial for the new season. We’re putting this in a “Spoiler Alert” section for now… but please be advised that this may make it’s way into further releases on this site. You’ve been warned my friends!

Updated: Want to see a first look inside the Big Brother house? Check out the latest spoiler alert below provided by TVGuide Magazine.

Updated: We’ve added another new promo.

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[spoiler name=”SPOILER: Big Brother 12 Twist Revealed”]CBS has released a new promo for the upcoming season of Big Brother 12. In it Julie Chen says the following (check out the video below):

“For the first time in Big Brother history, ONE player is NOT playing to win. This summer a saboteur will wreak havoc in the house.”

Basically Big Brother is choosing a Mole to work for them inside the house. As it stands right now they are not playing to win… so what would be the incentive for this person to keep up the gig? This could get juicy! What do you think of this season’s twist?

Updated: The new twist has been called “Summer Of Sabotage” or… SOS. Check out that video below!

Big Brother UK recently did something similar when a random person from a group of potential housemates was dressed up in a mole suit before entering the house. He then had to do a series of tasks before becoming a full fledged housemate. If anyone found him out he would be evicted. The gag died after a week… do you think this could happen on our version of the show? Time will tell.

The commercials:

[Source: BigBrotherLoop.com & Dreamer]

[spoiler name=”SPOILER: First look inside the Big Brother 12 house…”]

TV Guide says that there will be 14 houseguests. The house is described as “…Florida beach motif with lots of palm trees, tropical fish and hot, sexy colors.”

We’ll probably have more info for you later today or tomorrow. Stay tuned!

[Source: Big Brother Spoilers]