Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Who Will the HoH Nominate for Eviction in Week 9?

8-22-2013 07-27-40 PMThe new Big Brother 15 Head of Household is in the midst of planning who they will nominate for eviction in week 9 and everyone is in a panic trying to figure out who is going to go on the block. We are happily enjoying the crazed aftermath of a historic HoH and Jury Competition last night. We can only hope the high drama will continue with the announcement of the eviction nominations later today.

On the Big Brother Live Feeds last night, all the HouseGuests were clamoring to get into the good graces of the new Head of Household. As of right now, before the morning game talk and campaigning begins, it looks like they are pretty clear on who they want put up for eviction this week. What’s not quite clear yet is who will be the end target to get out next Thursday or if a true backdoor plan might be in the works.

Get the scoop on the eviction nomination plan for week 9 below our SPOILER ALERT! banner below and weigh in on who YOU want to suffer being on the block this week.

After winning the Head of Household Competition last night in an amazing recovery after nearly falling on her head, Elissa Slater found herself at the top of the pack with a big decision to make. With ally Helen Kim failing to make it back into the house, Elissa knows she is a huge target next week. Now she has to decide what alliances she can make to keep herself safe and get out one of her biggest threats to put her up in the next eviction.

The problem is, Elissa still seems to be thinking way too much with her emotions and not enough with her brains. Despite the opportunity to collaborate with hated enemy Aaryn Gries and form a strong alliance to go against McCrae Olson and Amanda Zuckerman, Elissa continues to have laser eyes for Aaryn. She seems determined to put Aaryn up on the block and it seems likely that will happen. That’s okay IF Aaryn is not the ultimate target and she plans on backdooring Amanda or McCrae. But she absolutely MUST break up the McCranda showmance this week if at all possible if she has any chance of surviving to the final four.

Elissa’s second nominee this week is harder to peg down quite yet. She has talked about putting up McCrae and seems to be leaning that way. However, she is being pushed HARD by Amanda and Spencer to put up Aaryn and GinaMarie instead. Rat fink Andy Herren has made a two week safety deal with Elissa we don’t trust him to keep and he and Aaryn are trying to keep themselves and GinaMarie off the block.

If Elissa bows to pressure to put up GinaMarie Zimmerman and Aaryn, we could very well end up with one of them going home instead of half of McCranda headed out the door. Now while we wouldn’t mind seeing either of them leave, this would weaken Elissa’s future in the game, not strengthen it. GinaMarie and Aaryn both want her out, of course, but Elissa could potentially work with GM, Aaryn and Andy to make sure Amanda, McCrae and newly returned Judd Daugherty are all out of the game before they turn on each other.

We think right now, it is vital to break up McCranda before any more weeks go by. Elissa is going to be a huge target next week no matter what and McCranda is more dangerous, we think, than Aaryn and GinaMarie — who might be persuaded to go against whichever half of the showmance survived and get them out next.

>> And the official nominations are in! Click here for the spoilers on who Elissa put up!

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